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stony-creekI’m writing this in November 2014, so this page is more or less just a placeholder until Stony Creek’s brick and mortar brewery opens in Branford sometime in 2015. When they open, of course I’ll visit and have my separate page on the brewery itself.

What I will also do is have two separate and distinct beer review pages for Stony Creek, which I think is the only fair way to do what I do. For in their first two years as a company, Stony Creek was merely a contract label; brewing three beers for the Connecticut market up at Hooker in Bloomfield. And in 2015 and beyond, the company is hitting the reset button and pretty much starting over again – with a new brewery of their own, new brewers and most importantly, new beers.

So why bother with the “old” Stony Creek stuff? Mostly, because that’s what I do. But also because I owe it to them and to my conscience to do so. In other words, if you follow the link through to the Stony Creek.v1 page, you’ll see me groveling… before I discuss how pedestrian their three 2012-14 offerings were.

Let’s get to it.

Stony Creek Brewing Beers.v1 (2012-14)
Stony Creek Brewery Beers.v2 (2015 and beyond)


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