Dirty IPA

Dirty IPA
1 pint glass, $3.75, 5.5% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

dirtyWhat does the word “dirty” mean to you? Because to me, it conjures up several different things in my mind.

None of which involve beer.

Since I’m a dad to two little boys, “dirty” means what their hands and faces always seem to be.

Since I’m a husband and my wife is extremely hot, “dirty” means certain levels of intimacy with her.

Since I like olive juice in my gin martinis, “dirty” means… um, it means what I just said.

Since I listen to 93.7, “dirty” mean “Ridin’ Dirty” buy Houston rappers UGK.

Since I live in Connecticut “dirty” refers to our politicians.

I would say it means all those things equally to me.

But this page is about Cambridge House’s Dirty IPA, which is their way of saying black IPA. The black IPA style was unheard of (to me) until about a year ago when all of the sudden they hopped onto the scene. Get it? “Hopped” onto the scene? Ohhhhh, man.

Moving on…

CHB Says:

Medium bodied black IPA. Slight roast meets hops.

Pimp-COne thing – “Black IPA” is the rebranded “Black Ale.” Since everything and everyone is about IPA’s in the 2012-201? Craft beer explosion era, why not call them IPA’s and sell a few more. I have no issue with that. And really, what brewers are doing is adding more American hops to the mix and creating hoppy, yet roasty and malty beers. Boom, there’s your black IPA.

(RIP, Pimp C of UGK)

CHB’s was very well done. The hops were there and so were the malts. The beer was both slightly sweet and slightly bitter. It wasn’t thick or resinous at all. I’ve no idea if this is a hard style to nail, but I’m going to guess that it is, based on absolutely nothing other than the balance must be difficult to “get” perfectly.

CHB has slowed a bit with pumping out new beers every week in 2013-14, and I have no issue with that. The new brewmaster (from Hooker, I think?) has come into his own and puts out the CHB stalwarts while mixing in a few of his own new creations.

I happen to think that’s a perfect balance, just like the Dirty IPA.

Overall Rating: A-
Rating vs. Similar style: B

Cambridge House Brew Pub
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