CT People

People are people so why should it be,
You and I should get along so awfully…

Oh 1984 Depeche Mode, you’re so full of despair.

wooOf course, that song (which is pretty terrible) is all about man’s inhumanity to man – which, as we all remember, was the theme of every high school essay we ever had to write.

I used to do pretty well in high school english and was sort of infamous for writing B+/A- papers on books I’d never read. This teenage skill failed me rather mightily in my college science courses however.

Yet, here I am, 20 years later with a wife and two kids and a house and two Subarus – and a website that is fairly well-regarded. I’m writing this in June 2013 and I’ve been traveling the highways and byways of Connecticut for the purposes of CTMQ for nigh on 7 years now.

Seven years… and I’m changing up my headers for a new section called People? Why? Frankly, I’m not sure – and I’m not sure it will last either. But my thinking is that I have had and will continue to have the opportunity to meet some really interesting and really cool people who live in Connecticut. People who don’t own breweries or run museums or bake the perfect loaf of bread. I write about those people elsewhere on the site.

No, this section is for the people who interest me because they are interesting. They fall outside what I usually cover on CTMQ. How many will I get the chance to meet with and write about? Who knows?

But perhaps by devoting an entire header tab to this new subject, I’ll be motivated to reach out to at least a few. Wish me luck… I am usually awful with first impressions.


Connecticut Conversations – Interviews with Interesting Nutmeggers
Brushes with Fame – My stories about “famous” Nutmeggers
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  1. Barbara Bermingham says:

    Do you have the name Barbara Prumbaum?

    I recently heard from a family member that she was a victim.

    I was wondering where she would have been buried as she was recently from Luxembourg.

    Any ifo would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you……….my grandmother was Lens Prumbaum, her sister

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