Thimble Island IPA

Thimble Island IPA
1 Pint, 6.9% ABV

Purchased at the Westbrook Lobster House, Wallingford

ipaAnother day, another Connecticut IPA. I’ve written a crap-ton of CT beer reviews and strive to make each unique. But let’s be honest here, it’s getting more difficult.

The really bad beers are easy to write. The exceptional ones are as well. As are the over-the-top creative ones. But that leaves many, many middle-of-the-road solid beers that are just that: solid beers.

And as much as I enjoy a decent beer, there’s just not too much going on with them to craft some exciting new angle for a review. So should I shape this review of a decent and solid IPA around the story of how I’ve reached a nexus of creativity while writing about “good” beers?

No. You expect more from me. But know this – despite the overlong description that follows, this is nothing more than a well-made and solid IPA. With a smidge more alcohol than you’d necessarily expect from a straight IPA.

Thimble Island Says:

Our IPA seeks to blend the best components of classic American IPAs with highlights from the new generation. Cascade, Northern Brewer and Falconer’s flight hops provide a hint of citrus and are perfectly complimented by a strong malt profile. A 6.9% ABV adds a refreshing brightness to the beer while stopping just shy of the high alcohol levels of a double or imperial IPA. Crisp, refreshing and well balanced, we are proud to put forth our IPA as part of the American craft beer revival.

CaptureActually, I appreciate a nice description and always sort of laugh at the fact that our state’s best brewery, New England, fails miserably on that front. Part of their charm I guess.

For a straight IPA, the malt came through more than you’d expect – as they admit. And to me, that knocks it down a peg. You can see from my picture that the beer is a tad darker than a typical IPA as well. So this one trends towards a baby imperialish black IPA – but stays far enough away from that style to still be an IPA.

So in that sense, I guess Thimble did produce a slightly unique beer here.

And like I’ve now said 18 times, it is a good beer.

You know what else is good? Westbrook Lobster’s tap list. (That’s where I had this beer.) They are as committed to Connecticut beer as a restaurant that appeals to a mass audience can be. No, of course they can’t be 100% “craft beer.” And of course they have to carry Bud and Bud Light or whatever. Could you imagine how many Wallingford fried shrimp and tilapia eaters they’d lose by suggesting a Black Hog Gose or a New England Berliner to replace an order of Bud Light?

I just happened to notice a tweet mocking Westbrook Lobster for having Bud Light on tap. I’m so tired of that nonsense, so I called him out. Turns out, the offender plans on opening a brewery in Connecticut at some point during this decade. Way to alienate a potential account, you nitwit.

That felt good. And so did drinking another stellar effort from the crew at Thimble Islands in Branford.

Overall Rating: B
Rating vs. Similar style: B-

Thimble Island Brewing Company
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