Old Yankee Ale

Old Yankee Ale
One 12 oz bottle, $1.76++, 5% ABV

Purchased at Harvest, West Hartford

oldHicks in the south hate yankees. Yet, New England yankees hate the Yankees. Eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island is home to self-identified “Swamp Yankees.”

I grew up in Delaware, so I’m not really a born and bred yankee, though my cantankerousness, I think, suits me well up here. (However, I do enjoy winter and ignore the cold far, far more than most up here. Wimps. The whole lot of ‘em.)

Look at the head on this beer! Like a commercial for cryin’ out loud. Christmas tree in the background, fireplace to the right… man, this is what it’s all about. Nothing could ruin this moment…

Cottrell says:

Our flagship brew, a medium bodied, American Amber Ale, that has a great up-front malt taste with a refreshing hop finish. Drown yourself in New England with this outstanding session beer.

Say what?

Drown yourself in New England with this outstanding session beer.

Come again?

Drown yourself in New England

drowningWow. I know that Cottrell is a small operation and certainly don’t pay anyone to help with these sorts of things, but at some point, someone needs to step up and help them out. Allow me to be that person.

Jim and everyone else at Cottrell: Stop telling your customers and prospective customers to go drown themselves. Especially after drinking some of your beer. That’s just bad business.

Anyway, for those of us not interested in dying in a drunken swimming accident anytime soon, I liked this ale. I loved the creamy head for some reason. It didn’t annoy me like some other beers with giant heads do. Maybe since it was the Christmas season, it reminded me of a nice fluffy snow fall?

It’s an easy-drinking beer (once that giant head goes away) that is pretty malty and not too hoppy, despite what they claim. It’s just a straightforward, easy drinking but fairly complex and delicious American ale.

By the way, the “Bros” at Beer Advocate gave this a perfect 100 for some reason. I have no idea why, as it’s clearly not a perfect beer. Perhaps they were just elated they didn’t drown in New England.

Overall Rating: A-
Rating vs. Similar style: A

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