Mystic Seaport Beer

Mystic Seaport Beer
Brewed at Shipyard Brewing Company

Beer List:

1. Mystic Seaport Pale Ale


When I started this particular dark little corner of CTMQ, I thought I had a firm grasp of the breadth of the undertaking. And really, I sort of did when it came to the bottles available anyway. So, imagine my surprise a few weekends ago when I was in the Liquor Depot in Hard Hittin’ when I happened upon a remainder bin with a few of these Mystic Seaport Pale Ales in it.

(Go ahead – imagine it.)

Of course, I knew immediately this wasn’t a true Connecticut beer, but it still fits neatly in my “Beer Marketed/Labeled for CT Market, But Not Brewed in CT” subsection and that’s why we’re here. This beer is brewed and bottled in Maine by the Shipyard Brewing Company, which is a fairly respectable brewery.

And, for the record, I certainly have no issue with branding relationships like this. (Well, I guess I could nitpick and remind the Seaport that they do have a contract brewer available to them right down the street at Cottrell in Pawcatuck, but whatever.) I think it’s actually pretty cool when (relatively) big time tourist attractions like the Seaport make the effort to give the illusion of brewing their own beer.

And Mystic Seaport actually hosts events that revolve around beer and the history of beer in the US, comporting that history with the history of shipbuilding and the transporting of beer and spirits.

Furthermore, It must be said that the Seaport truly is an incredible place and should be on your top 10 list of “Things to tell non-Nutmeggers to do in Connecticut.” It’s HUGE and fun and so rich in history your head will spin. Of course I’ve been to the Seaport – here’s my page about it. (A page which sort of bothers me because a) the pictures are awful and b) the report does not do the place justice at all.)

And you can drink beer there. Beer like the Mystic Seaport Pale Ale.

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