Hopstillo IPA

Hopstillo IPA
One 16 oz can, $2.49, 6.8% ABV

Worldwide Wine & Spirits, Southington

hopstilloI originally had this at the brewery as part of a sampler. I was there with a friend who raved about it. And for good reason – this is a good, solid beer.

Most people say it is Broad Brook’s best beer, and if they haven’t had their Pink Dragon WIT, they are right. (So what I’m saying is that Hopstillo is Broad Brook’s second best beer.) After these two, there is a pretty healthy drop-off to all of their other beers that I’ve had.

Broad Brook is now about a year old and they’ve been quite successful. With a rather nice taproom, which is essentially a bar, they’ve been able to build a decent afternoon crowd of drinkers. Interestingly, they have other Connecticut breweries on tap. But man, I’d feel like a bit of a jerk drinking their competition’s beer in their brewery, y’know?

But, it’s really cool that they have this set-up. (At this time, Overshores and OEC do the same thing but expand their offerings beyond the state and country.) I have no idea what type of license they have to be able to do this, but I like it.

Broad Brook also offers free food from local restaurants on Thursdays. As you can imagine, this draws quite a crowd, especially when they feature “the good stuff,” whatever than might be in East Windsor, CT. (Actually, they’ve recently had both Bear’s and Union Street from Windsor, so they are getting some dang good free food up in there.)

Granted, it lasts about 10 minutes, but still. It’s free food.

Broad Brooks says:

A West Coast inspired India Pale Ale created with a bold concoction of hops and malt with a refreshing citrus explosion and a smooth finish.

22564662_BG3As you can imagine, a bar (basically) offering free food and local beer has become a pretty good draw. Broad Brook and Firefly have this weird (or rather, new to Connecticut) dynamic wherein locals hang out and drink. At the corner brewery, so to speak.

The crowd is usually blue collar. They’re guys who were drinking Bud and Coors a year ago who are now drinking Hopstillo and Pink Dragon witbier. It’s fantastic, but I’m still getting used to it. I wonder what they think of all the crafties with their constant check-ins and annoying talk of mouthfeel and IBU’s.

So to all those guys who are enjoying locally made Broad Brook beer, my picture above is for you. Mater from Toy Story is the backwoods redneck Cars character that is slightly buffoonish, but usually saves the day in the end. These are the people that make our world go ’round. (Also, Amarillo is a city in Texas and Mater speaks with a deep southern drawl and, well, okay… now I’m getting a bit too much into the stereotyping thing.)

I’m avoiding talking too much about Hopstillo because it is simply a well-made, straightforward IPA. I can’t imagine it’s only Amarillo hops, but surely they are the main draw here – Amarillo is a good aroma hop and does add some flavor and bitterness.

The Hopstillo is pleasantly bitter and piney, yet pretty crisp and non-resinous. Like I said, it’s just a good IPA. Tow-truck drivers are good, solid people. The regulars at Broad Brook appear to be good, solid people.

I support this beer and all that it stands for.

Overall Rating: A-
Rating vs. Similar style: A-

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