Olde Burnside Brewing Beers

Olde Burnside Brewing Beers
East Hartford

Flagship Beers:

Dirty Penny Ale, B
Hop’t Scot, B-
Penny Weiz, C
Ten Penny Ale, B-

Limited Beers:

Amazing Grace Wee Heavy (2013), A+
Highland Wild Ale, A-
Burns the Wiser Old Ale
Father Christmas Highland Ale (2013), A-
Stone of Destiny 2012, A+
Ten Penny Ale Reserve, A


Good ol’ Ten Penny. Good Olde Burnside. Good beer.

I would guess that the majority of people think that this East Hartford brewery’s name is Ten Penny. And that’s fine, as Ten Penny is their flagship, their first, and their most well-known beer by a million miles. It should be noted that Ten Penny is a very good beer.

Olde Burnside has an interesting history that we’ll explore when I finally get over there to visit and check out the place. I’ve tried a couple times but they are a) small and b) don’t really give tours. However, I now have an “in” there…

Because Olde Burnside was an incredibly generous sponsor of the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Research Foundation fundraising events at Flatbread Company in Canton. I can’t sing their praises enough for this – they donated kegs to our events and give us 100% of every dollar spent on their beer. That’s just awesome and for that, I love them.

But, as CTMQ readers well know, that relationship will in no way color my opinions of their beers. I’m honest to a fault sometimes – and I’ll tell you upfront that I don’t love all of the Ten Penny family of beers. My wife, Hoang, hated their wild ale probably more than any beer she’s ever tasted.

So there you have it. What’s interesting, to me, about Olde Burnside is that their current lineup of nearly 10 beers is highly unknown to the vast majority of Nutmeggers. Their Ten Penny Ale and its sister Dirty Penny is very well-known. But who has had the chance to drink their Stone of Destiny? Or their Amazing Grace Ale? I have.

Because that’s just how I roll.


Olde Burnside Brewing Company
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