No Limits Hefeweizen

No Limits Hefeweizen
4-Pack Tall Boy cans, $9.99++, 5% ABV

Purchased at Maximum Beverage, West Hartford


Ok, I have no idea why Two Roads named their latest seasonal/summer beer “No Limits,” but I’m sure it wasn’t to market it to “aggressive” bros and “extreme sports athletes.” Beaver Beer and Hooker and City Steam Blonde on Blonde has the bro-dude craft beer drinker marketing niche covered in Connecticut.

But whenever I think about this beer, which is very good, I can’t help but shout the name: “NO LIMITS!” (And it just occurred to me that “no limits” with regards to an alcoholic beverage is simply not a good idea. It should be “Know (your) Limits,” not “NO LIMITS!”

I picked up a 4-pack of this not expecting too much. Although I’d heard some good buzz about it, wheats are not my favorite style at all. But since it’s as hot as the sun these days and as humid as a Costa Rican jungle, I can’t really think of a better style to enjoy.

Two Roads Says:
Brewmaster Phil Markowski has taken a “bahn” less traveled to create our version of the classic Bavarian wheat brew –perfect for the warming temperatures. Beautifully cloudy with a generous head of foam, a wonderful fruit aroma and a dry finish, our Hefeweizen is a refreshing version of the original; with just a little bit more of everything.

Two things. One, the label for the NO LIMITS! On the Two Roads website includes a picture of a road. One road, not two. So that’s weird.

1000422_388589204575586_1673889824_nBut far weirder is that – hey, remember that heat wave I mentioned? The one brutalizing the northeast this week? Yeah, that one. Two Roads’ brewery and tap room is brand new. It’s huge and beautiful and shiny and clean. Just one problem: Nowhere in the $18 million dollar budget that went into this place was room for air conditioning.

You read that right – according to a Two Roads tweet yesterday, they have no air conditioning in the tap room. Talk about taking the road less traveled. Whoops.

(They do have some smaller place at which to drink at the brewery, but still…)

All that aside, I really liked this beer. It has way more depth of flavor than a typical hefeweizen with some citrus forward and floral in the background. It’s bright and clean and really goes down smoothly.

In this instance, the Two Roads “thing” where they seem to make minor adjustments to traditional styles really worked for me and I’m perfectly happy to have this beer stand in my fridge next to my go to this year: the Brooklyn Summer Ale. Well done, Two Roads.

Now go install some AC.

Overall Rating: B+
Rating vs. Similar style: A+

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  1. Herman says:

    It’s named “no limits” because the beer is a hefeweizen which is German. In Germany, they have the autobahn which has no speed limit aka “no limits”

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