Three Steve Stout

Three Steve Stout
1 draught pint, $4.74, 5.2% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

I’m set up pretty well to like this beer. After all, I usually love the style and my name is Steve. I don’t really know how this brew got its name, but I do know the (former?) brewmaster was named Steve. At least I think so.

But that’s only one Steve.

I could use a couple more of me around here; especially if one could just take care of the boys all day. Those cats are too much sometimes.

And speaking of them and multiple versions of oneself, remember Calvin’s Duplicator? Not to be confused with his Transmogrifier? I make no secret that I lobbied to name my second born Calvin partially because of little Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

So that’s the transition from Three Steve Stout to Three Calvins. Even though the picture here is of only two Calvins, any real fan knows that he upped it to 9 I think at one point. Oh my, I can’t imagine three Calvins.

But I can imagine drinking 3 of these stouts in one sitting. A nice low ABV but a rich, roasty coffee oatmeal stout which obviously was created by someone (Steve?) who knew what he was doing.

CBH says:

Oatmeal and very light carbonation contribute to a velvety mouthfeel. Chocolate and roasted malts provide the chocolate bitterness.

I enjoyed my first one on a Saturday afternoon when I drove up to Granby to get a growler of their Pumpkin Weiss for the Thanksgiving spread. The bar was empty and the bartender was bored out of his mind. We talked Formula One racing as if I had any clue about Formula One racing.

It’s really a very good, full-bodied stout. I know it’s going to be bottled up at Paper City at some point in 2013 (by Cambridge House’s former owner, not the current one) and I will be curious to see if they can capture half the deliciousness in a bottle.

I doubt it.

Overall Rating: A-
Rating vs. Similar style: B+

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