The Unique and Historic

This is another one of my infamous mish-mosh pages where I stick everything bar/restaurant related that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. I think the title (Unique and Historic) pretty much sums it up.

The Birthplace of the Hamburger: Louis’ Lunch, New Haven
Historic Bar: The Historic Richter’s Cafe, New Haven – closed 6/25/2011
Unique (Delicious) pizza: Red Potato Pizza, Willington Pizza House, Willington
Best Free Cheesecake: David Glass Cheesecake, Bloomfield (now in Vermont)
Esquire’s Favorite Cheeseburger: Shady Glen, Manchester
Best side dish: Fried Cheese, Shady Glen Dairy Store, Manchester
Most Expensive Chocolate: Chocopologie Café, Norwalk
England in CT: Mrs. Bridges’ Pantry, Woodstock
Juvenile Hijinks: A Wiener in Mianus, Greenwich
Super Historic & Cool Inn: Griswold Inn, Essex
Very Unique Restaurant: Travelers Food and Books, Union
A “Second Most!” SoNo Brewhouse, Norwalk
Movie setting: Mystic Pizza, Mystic
Mystic Shagbark Syrup, Mystic
Private historic Yalie Place: Mory’s, New Haven

Fried cheese at Shady Glen, Manchester

Indian Pudding Ice Cream, We-Li-Kit, Pomfret
Nodine’s Smokehouse, Goshen
Super Historic Pub, The White Horse, Marbledale

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  1. Mollie Lyon says:

    Largest menu- Peter’s in Uncasville?

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