Fried Cheese at Shady Glen

It’s Cheese. And it’s Fried. ‘Nuff Said.
Shady Glen, Manchester

July 16, 2009

As I’m placing this blurb in my arbitrary “unique food as far as I know it” section, I feel better about the fact that my son and I ate several pieces of cheese – make that FRIED cheese – for the good of the blog. Sacrifices, people.


I’d heard about the legendary fried cheese at Shady Glen years ago, and knowing how much Hoang would love such a thing, I got some “to go” back then. By the time we got home, the cheese was soggy and kind of blah. But I knew it had potential.

In the interim, I’ve had it “fresh” on a couple occasions and let me tell you – this stuff alone is worth a trip to Manchester, even if their charming old school style, decent food, and excellent ice cream weren’t enough. I love fried cheese.


Don’t judge me – you’d love it too. And you’ll love me for clueing you into the secret. You see, it’s not listed on the menu, but it can be ordered by itself as an appetizer. For under two bucks, you get a plate with four slices of curled cheese that’s crispy and browned on the bottom and semi-soft and pliable on the top.

They also put fried cheese on your cheeseburgers and something else called the Cheesefurter. Heck, they could put it on my coleslaw and I’d be happy.

We’ve tried to replicate it at home with decent success, but it just not as good. Perhaps if Hoang put on one of Shady Glen’s old timey waitress outfits it would make it better.

I don’t know how they do it, but this is how they fry the cheese.

Roadfood loves it too

5 responses to “Fried Cheese at Shady Glen”

  1. Jude says:

    Oh wow, this used to be one of my favorite dining establishments when I was a kid (though I hated the unbearably long 30-minute drive it took to get there). There was nothing better than a Shady Glen cheeseburger. I’ve long since given up burgers, but now that I know you can order just the fried cheese as an appetizer, somehow the thousand-mile commute from Michigan seems like a piece of cake.

    You totally dropped the ball by not including pictures of the waitresses. It sounds like they’re decked out in the same outfits they wore in the early ’70s (a red-and-white-checkered number, if I’m remembering correctly). I can only hope . . .

  2. Kerri says:

    I’m sure you weren’t trying to make vegetarians fall even more deeply in love with Connecticut Museum Quest, but there you have it. I had no idea I could just get the cheese. Next time I’m in Manchester, I’m going to have to request fries with fried cheese on them. This made my day.

  3. Sandy says:

    I was at UConn in the 60′s (I know i am old!) but one had to stop at Shady Glen for their awesome cheeseburgers and ice cream on our way back to campus! (This was just before I-84 so we had to take Rt44,etc. to get to campus…a long trek from Fairfield campus, but Shady Glen made it so worth while! I go back once in a while and love,love that it is still like it was then! A treasure for sure!

  4. Matt says:

    I live on dale rd right next to it so im in luck

  5. J says:

    I think the cheese platter is up to $1.90 these days for four slices, lettuce, and pickle slices. Still completely worth it.

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