Did you read the page which has led to your email?

I am not an appraiser, museum owner, museum volunteer, museum professional, antique salesman, antique buyer or anything like that. I’m an observational writer. I write ABOUT museums, I DO NOT work in one.

This is most especially true of the Lock Museum, Industrial Museum or Button Museum. For some reason, people who like this old junk are always asking me about their old junk. If you do somehow circumvent this page and email me something stupid, I will merely reply by sending you a link to this very page again, with a polite little note.

So please, I beg you, do NOT send me an email asking me about a button or a lock or a chair that you think I’d like to have for “my museum.” I cannot appraise anything other than your lack of reading comprehension. Instead, go back to the page that you were on before clicking “CONTACT” and find out how to contact the museum (or whatever) directly.

Otherwise, I’d love to hear from you.

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