Ghandi-Bot DIPA

Gandhi-Bot Double IPA
One 4-pack of cans, $10.49, 8.8% ABV

Purchased at Crazy Bruce’s, West Hartford

Just above here I wrote that this review stems from a 4-pack purchase at Crazy Bruce’s. Truthfully, I have no idea because I happen to buy this pretty much whenever I see it – which isn’t that often. It seems that New England Brewing’s Elm City Lager is usually on the shelves, the Sea Hag IPA almost as much, but the 668 and the Gandhi-Bot pretty much never.

Firstly, they don’t brew as much of the Gandhi-Bot as the others and they don’t distribute as much either, because DIPA’s lose quality much quicker than the other beers. It’s just science.

Another reason is that whenever a shipment ships, people like me are always sure to snap them up – even at the steep price tag. Hell, I don’t even think about the price tag to be honest with you. Not that I’m rich – no, the Bot is just that good.

I want to be very clear here: New England Brewing’s Gandhi-Bot double/Imperial IPA is one of the best DIPA’s you’ll ever drink. Period. If you live within driving distance of Woodbridge, CT and don’t go at least a couple times per year to get growler fills of this stuff, you’re stone cold crazy.

NEB says:

Gandhi-Bot is an intensely hopped double India Pale Ale brewed with a blend of 3 varieties of American hops. 85 IBU’s, this beer is brewed for those of us who need an aromatic and flavorfully hopped beer.

New cans added:

Aromatic and fully vegetarian, Gandhi-Bot is an idea aid for self-purification and the seeking of truth and love.

Hm. Unlike the 668 Belgian strong ale, NEBCO doesn’t feel the need to expand up on the rather unique name of this beer on the label. And I kind of like that… Because it allows me to make up my own nonsense as to how this beer came to be known as Gandhi-Bot.

nebIn case you can’t see clearly, the can features a shiny metal robot Mahatma Gandhi. On the surface, it’s easy to say, “well, it’s an India Pale Ale and Gandhi was perhaps the most famous Indian ever so let’s just go with that.”

Fine. But why a robotic peace warrior? Let’s delve deeper (into this entirely fictionalized reasoning).

Everyone knows Gandhi’s whole thing was “civil disobedience” and peaceful protest. Gandhi did this from South Africa to his home country of India. Although he was associated with a ton of different causes, he is most notable for his role in securing India’s independence from England in 1947 – all through non-violent means.

Pretty impressive, even if it took most of his lifetime.

gbThe Gandhi-Bot DIPA has an incredibly complex nose. All the IPA goodness is there, but amplified. Super citrus forward, but the piney-ness is there in the background. And the hops. Just straight up hops are there as well.

India is a complex country. I was told once by an Indian friend that it’s almost like 100 different countries all under one flag and that it’s pretty amazing that its internal struggles aren’t 100 times worse. There is violence, sure, but there are also Hindus and Muslims and Christians all living there – in a country where people really care about that stuff. The Gandhi-Bot is a complex beer.

For a nearly 9% imperial IPA, it drinks very smooth. It’s delicious. Very, very hoppy as you’d expect, and with 85 bittering units, it’s amazingly not too bitter. It is balanced by the citrusy hops in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting before. Oh, and as is the case with every NEB beer, the high ABV is completely hidden, making this feel like a sessionable 9% DIPA.

And that’s darn unique.

Just like Gandhi.

Ok, so I’ve failed mightily at trying to connect history and this beer’s name. But you know what? I don’t really care. I waffle on what my favorite NEBCO beer is (the IST? The 668? This one?) so I can’t say for sure one way or the other.

But I’d be happy to peacefully protest your choice while drinking my choice for the next 30 years or so.

Overall Rating: A+
Rating vs. Similar style: A+

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  1. EdHill says:

    “DIPA’s lose quality much quicker than the other beers. (Don’t ask me why, that’s just what the beer geeks tell me.) ”

    Hop aroma and flavor fade very quickly, so with a D-IPA, which main draw is its intense hopping, its that much more important to drink it fast (fast in beer terms, within a month or two).

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