Beer’d Brewing Beers

Beer’d Brewing Company Beers

My visit to Beer’d Brewing is here.

Beer List:

logAmerican Brown Ale
Artemis, A-
Bumper Crop DIPA, A
By the Bushel Belgian Ale
For Your Consideration DIPA
Fruition DIPA
Ghost Eagle Pale Ale
Grovestand DIPA, A
Harbinger IPA
Hop-A-Boat IPA
Hobbit Juice DIPA
Imperialized Anomaly, A+
Midnight Oil Oatmeal Stout, A-
P^2 Porter
Realization DIPA
Riff DIPA, A
Roulette RIS
Sojourner Saison, B+
Trouble Tripel
Vegemite Sandwich DIPA, A+
Weight Of Sound DIPA, A
Whisker’d Wit, A
World At Large Pale Ale, A+

Bottle/Barrel-Aged List:

Ethereal Gin Barrel Aged Realization
Imperial Trouble Belgian Tripel
Nano-a-Nano Relic Collaboration, B+


Funny how social media works. After merely posting my link to my page about a few visits to Beer’d on Twitter, it got retweeted and favorited as much as anything else I’ve ever written. That’s great and all, but hey, I do important fundraising for the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Research Foundation too! How about giving that some love… and relove. Buncha Drunks.

beer'dAnyway, it was pretty cool. I chalk it up to the fact that Aaren at Beer’d is cool and his beer it top notch. Certainly not because of anything I wrote or did. But I got an interesting question about that initial tweet: Why didn’t I tag @Beer’d when I notified my little Twitter world of my page?

Especially when I was fairly effusive about my love of Aaren, his wife Precious , and the beer itself?

Because I don’t do that. I let my website speak for itself and I let it grow organically and through word-of-mouth/Internet. Note: when I add ads to raise money for the aforementioned SMSRF, my philosophy will change. I’m not stupid.

I don’t do it because then I’d feel like I’d either have to A) do it all the time every time I publish a new page (tweet at the entity I’ve written about) or B) cherry-pick those entities I have written positively about. The former is tiresome and bothersome and the latter is corny and lame. So I just never do it.

Aaren got wind of the page within minutes anyway, and that’s just better in my weird, curmudgeon, OCD-riddled mind.

So there you have it: a bunch of CTMQ insider information you didn’t care to know.

What you may care to know is how I truly feel about Beer’d’s beers. In short, they are excellent. In long, let’s get to ‘em!




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