Fat Ten-er #2

Fat Ten-er #2 (Double IPA)
Growlette, 8.2% ABV

Secured by my man Jay

fat2I am in love. Like, head over heels, full-on butterflies-in-the-stomach flustered stammering in love.

I want to marry this beer. I want to bathe in it and kiss it and have babies with it. I love New England’s Fat Ten-Er # 2. For real.

Okay, we all know NEBCO is the top brewery in the state – at least for the families of beers I love anyway. And that they have mastered the art of IPA’s and DIPA’s to such a degree as to be almost ridiculous.

(Big shout out to Aaren at Beer’d who is really the only other Connecticut brewery producing phenomenal DIPA’s and IPA’s as well. There are plenty of very good ones around, but I’m talking top notch; like Heady Topper Who top-notch top notch.)

NEBCO has their constant Sea Hag IPA and their fairly constant Gandhi-Bot. Then they have their rarer annual (more or less) rotating single-hop series (Galaxy, Fuzzy Baby Ducks, Coriolis, and Supernaut) and then there’s the even MORE rare casks they do with various iterations of these beers and THEN there are these one-time only experimental batches they dream up with their new 10 barrel tank. (The “ten” in the clever Fat Ten-Er.)
I’ve had them all. And I thought I loved them all, too, but then I had this bad boy and all the others I’ve loved fell by the wayside. (Ok, I can still have affairs with them, right?)

DIPA hopped with Galaxy and Citra

And that’s all they need to say. It’s NEBCO. It’s a double IPA. It’s the fruity bite of Galaxy and the citrus bang of Citra. Part of me wonders if NEBCO was trying to mimic Heady Topper a bit with this experiment. It had much less hop bitterness than Gandhi-Bot and was smooth as silk and creamy. Like Heady. Just a thought… but in the end, this beer was just ridiculous.

And speaking of ridiculous, the whole wingnut meme about how allowing gay marriage will somehow open the door to allow for polygamy and man-dog and man-turtle marriage should now include man-beer. Because I’m going to explore this concept with my lawyer friends.

I distinctly recall a classic Pee-Wee’s Playhouse scene in which Pee-Wee admits to his love for fruit salad. As you’d expect, his friends taunt him with, “So why don’t you marry it?!”

Pee-Wee, being Pee-Wee, accepts the challenge and proceeds to marry the fruit salad. I loved it then, but I love it even more now. The dude married fruit salad.

Which gives me the courage to propose to the Fat Ten-Er # 2.


Overall Rating: A+
Rating vs. Similar style: A+

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