Overshores Simpel

Overshores Simpel (Belgian Small Beer)
4-pack, ~$10, 4% ABV

Purchsaed at Maximum Beverage, West Hartford

simpel “Hey Calvin!”
“Let’s take a picture. I want you to look ‘simple’.”
“Simple. Like a simpleton.”

Mirriam-Webster defines ‘simpleton’ as “someone who is not very intelligent or who does not have or show good sense or judgment.” So really, as a 3-year-old, Calvin pretty much is a definitive simpleton. Do YOU know any 3-year-olds who show good sense and judgment?

Like, Calvin has insisted on only wearing his Native shoes since late spring. (Here they are, if you are blissfully unaware of such child shoes).

Cute, huh? Yeah, except they are just plastic molded shoes and day after day, they start drying out your feet and cutting the balls up. No matter, Calvin MUST. WEAR. THESE. SHOES. That shoes me a terrible sense of judgment and no sense whatsoever.

Then there’s the 3-year-old rule that one must increase the speed or danger of every physical activity until one gets hurt. I like that one especially. So do pediatricians and ermergency rooms the world over.

Fortunately for Connecticut beer aficionados, Overshores Brewing is not staffed and run by simpletons. No, these guys know what they are doing and they are doing it well in their first year of existence.

They are sticking to brewing beers in the Belgian style, one at a time for now, and brewing them really well.

The “problem” with this particular beer is that even brewed well, it’s still just a, how do I say this… it’s still just a “simple” beer.

Overshores says:

Don’t call it a Session IPA! Just as it sounds, the Simpel is the most basic of our offerings. The Simpel is the lightest, but is also the hoppiest beer Overshores makes. It is refreshingly dry and crisp unlike heavy and sometimes sticky IPA’s. With a bright aroma from Overshores signature Belgian yeast, the Simpel is a perfectly refreshing beer for a hot summer day. With a heaping helping of Centennial and Cascade hops, this beer is a study in grapefruit in a brut champagne-like body.

Light enough for hot days, or a perfect morning beer for Sunday brunch to revive the senses after a summer Saturday night.

The label on the bottle adds:

“Pair with grilled sausage, Caesar salad, sunshine, and hard work.”

The description is on–point. Though I doubt anyone but a simpleton would call this a session IPA. (Though, I often find myself laughing through untappd and Beer Advocate reviews and “simpleton” would be too kind for some of those yahoos.)

The simpel is a very basic beer. Sort of a base beer, if you will. Not as bare bones as an adjunct lager, but still … damnit, I can’t help doing this… but still just simple.

sfoThe hops do add a bit of a bitter bite on the back-end, but again, you’re not going to confuse this with any sort of IPA. My bottles were a bit under-carbonated for the style (I think). The yeast profile was there, but not as you’d necessarily expect from a “Belgian beer.” It was an underwhelming beer, but I think that’s the point here. Nothing bad about it, but nothing to get excited about either.

And I was fine with all of this. The Overshores Simpel is sort of like the Corona of western Europe. That is, I hate eastern European lagers, but I liked this beer. I don’t prefer the American lagers, but a Corona (or Sol or whatever) on a hot summer’s day? That can’t be beat.

Unless you were on South Beach with all those ridiculously hot naked women right in front of you. I took this picture. That woman is completely naked, save for the tiniest of tiny thongs. Florida is horrible in every way, except for this ONE thing. Anyway, you’re only going to get Corona down there, not a simple, yet layered Belgian Simpel “small beer.”

Okay, I’ll take the ridiculously hot South Beach women over a Simpel Connecticut beer. I’m not stupid. Or simple.

Overall Rating: B-
Rating vs. Similar style: B

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