Broad Brook Brewing Company Beers

Broad Brook Brewing Company Beers
East Windsor

My visit to the Brewery is here.


Usual Rotation Beers:

7th Heaven IPA, B-
Chet’s Pale Ale, B
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, C
Broad Brook Ale, A-
Dark Star IPA, B
Hopstillo IPA, A-
No BS Brown Ale
Porter’s Porter, C+

Seasonal Beers:

Rhino Red Ale
Pink Dragon WIT, A
Oktoberfest Ale
6 Balls Alt, C-
Homewrecker Holiday Ale, C+

Tobacco Valley Series:

Season of the Witch Ale, D+
Robust Porter
Rough Guy Rye IPA


My 2014 visit to the brewery here.

Broad Brook Brewing Company in East Windsor is one of these newer Connecticut breweries that came online smack dab in the middle of the 2013-15 brewery explosion. They are straightforward and no-nonsense. They make beer. And they sell it.

I’m writing this about a year after their grand opening and to this day, I’ve never heard anyone really mention Broad Brook in conversation. Broad Brook just “is.”

But it “is” only ten minutes from my workplace if I hit the I-91 traffic right. And a have some friends who live in Broad Brook (a section of East Windsor). And they do have a very nice taproom.

Yes, Broad Brook is a brewery and a bar. And they serve non-Broad Brook beer there as well, which I thought was really unique until I went to Overshores recently.

Anyway, Broad Brook has a decent distribution footprint and also has gotten into the canning game in mid-2014 as well. And their beer isn’t bad.

Broad Brook Brewing Company
My visit to the brewery here.
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