Olde Timey Soda Pop

gormetweb.jpgSince meeting my wife, I’ve become a soda drinker. I never was much of one before, as it was only consumed as a “treat” in my childhood home. Maybe at weekend lunches or football games. I always knew it as corn syrup, water, and artificial flavor at a 500% mark up. Not exactly a romantic notion. So I never got into it. I was (and still am, really) an unsweetened ice tea aficionado through and through. Lemonade too…

But Hoang is a different sort. The girl loves her Diet Coke. I used to abhor Diet Coke, but now I drink it fairly often (as it’s always in the fridge) and have come to actually like it. But this blog isn’t about Coca-Cola (although it does have a fascinating history and more than one museum dedicated to it). It’s about Connecticut stuff. And this section, specifically, is about our three soda companies – plus any other home grown and homemade stuff, like the rootbeer at the Sycamore in Bethel.

index_06.jpgAll three play up the “Olde Tyme” feel, look, and I guess taste. I used to buy from Hosmer Mountain’s Soda Shack in Willmantic and Manchester all the time when I lived there. I still contend their Orange Dry flavor is one of the best sodas one can drink – anywhere. I love that stuff and miss it now that I live a bit too far away to make the effort.

Avery Beverages in New Britain is probably the best known, as they got some national press recently with their Obama and McCain flavors. They offer tours, so they’re my favorite too. The third is Foxon Park down in East Haven. I’ve never had a Foxon Park drink, but they definitely look interesting and unique.

I’ll probably buy a case from each place of as many flavors as possible and report about my scientific findings here.

Hosmer Mountain Soda, Manchester and Willimantic
Homemade Root Beer, Sycamore Drive-In, Bethel
Mexican soda at Taqueria Tavern, West Hartford

Homemade Root Beer at City Steam, Hartford
Foxon Park Soda, East Haven
Avery’s Beverages, New Britain

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  1. Brian says:

    If you try Foxon Park, the Birch Beer is a signature beverage. My second favorite is their Cream Soda. I’ve heard the Gassossa and Iron Brew are also great. Lastly, the Kola is still fresh in my palate, even though I haven’t had it in a few years. Reminds me of the old RC brand, but better.

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