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Stephen Wood, 41, Married Father of Damian and Calvin
Hates Talking About Himself, Proud INTJ

frcauteretsview4eb.jpgThank you for taking a moment to read my website. What started as a little hobby to keep me busy and active has evolved into something I never expected: A vehicle for a very modest semi-professional writing career.

[Note: I work professionally full-time at a wonderful company who pays me a bit more generously than freelance writing ever would. So CTMQ really is just a hobby.]

I have been contacted by magazine editors as a result of my writing here and have happily accepted freelance commissions – and I’m always willing to write for more. I’ve always enjoyed writing and strongly feel that I’ve honed my craft to the point where I have settled on a subject and style that suits me best.

[Note: I don't really proof or edit most stuff on this site. But I do when I get paid. Which reminds me, I write this massive site for free. I won't write for you for free. Unless you steal something from me and I don't know it, which has happened.]

In the past, I’ve written for two very popular television criticism blogs (under a pseudonym) where I developed both a fanbase (such as it is) and the confidence that I can entertain people through writing. Heck, I was quoted in the New York Times, albeit via my pseudonym. CTMuseumQuest combines my love for travel, exploration, learning, meeting interesting people, humor, and lists – and a diverse group of readers have responded with overwhelming acclaim.

I can write for different audiences and in different styles – though only non-fiction. I am easy to work with, am ridiculously organized and I write insanely quickly and do maintain honesty and integrity even though this is merely a blog. I can turn around a very workable 5000 word assignment within a few days if necessary.

I welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you in the future.

Click on the “contact me” above and to the right to get in touch.

Speaking Engagements:

  • I do personalized (by town/region and group age/interests) 60-90 minute presentations – to historical societies, libraries, schools, etc. I do ask for a long lead-time however, what with a special needs kid and now newborn baby on the homefront. Also, a (very) modest honorarium is usually requested, because I’ve been told that I should do that and gas is over 4 bucks a gallon as I write this in April 2011.
  • Magazine Article possibilities:

  • Connecticut travel, museums, hikes/trails, history, humor, and eccentrics – and eccentricities – that make up our state.
  • Special needs parenting and the experiences of an involved father
  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome
  • And more!
  • Book Topics:

  • Connecticut Museums/Travel – I have a few ideas that I’m confident would work and would be made more profitable by “editions.” As you’ll read on the site, there are over 600 museums and no one has attempted to visit them all. (or write entertainingly about the effort.)
  • The experience of being a father of a special needs child – There is a dearth of books on this very personal topic
  • 9 responses to “About Me”

    1. Mike Horyczun says:

      Stephen, visit us sometime and say hello to me.

    2. Remi Lleshi says:

      Hello, I am writting to say “Thank You” for the write up you did about me and my Stone Earth Cairn that is on display at The Good News cafe located in Woodbury, CT. If you are interested in seeing more of my work please contact me @ [email protected] or my cell 203-509-6407. Thank You. Remi Lleshi….

    3. Ginny Apple says:

      Hi Stephen,

      I am a resident of Barkhamsted and a member of the town’s Economic Development Commission. I delighted at your descriptions of hiking in American Legion and People’s State Forests and wondered if you’d mind if I put a little blurb about you and a link to your descriptions of the trails on our Facebook page (Town of Barkhamsted). We are going to create a separate section for hiking and I think your descriptions are the best I’ve eve seen.

      Let me know if this works for you.

      Ginny Apple

      Love your work!

    4. Richard Monda says:

      I stumbled onto your web site while searching for information on the Sunny Valley Nature preserve in Bridgewater CT. When I was scrolling the pages I saw a picture of our house.

      I continued to look through your site and I was blown away at the variety and content. I am amazed at your energy level.

      I posted a link on my FB pages suggesting it was a MUST for Connecticut residents.

      Keep up the great work and why don’t you get started on the Book?

    5. Alan Chaniewski says:

      Hi Stephan,

      Just let let you know the histoic Comstock Covered Bridge in East Hampton, Ct that has been closed for 2 years is now almost completed and open to the public. I put a couple of shots up on my site. Feel free to use any or all if you would like.


      Best reguards!


    6. My Craziest Geo-Oddity Adventure Ever » Twelve Mile Circle » maps, geography, travel says:

      [...] whole crazy thing started almost exactly a year ago. Steve Wood, the author of the amazing Connecticut Museum Quest — so good I read every article even [...]

    7. barney b from danbury says:

      Just heard you on wnpr this morning. The show was great! Would like to contact you sometime in near future?
      Barney B.

    8. Patti Hoffman says:

      Dear Stephen:

      I liked your article on Newtown very much. I realized that I had read some of your work before when I found this page about you. You see, I was one lucky “kid” who had gone to high school at Norwich Free Academy oh so very long ago – graduated in 1973. You did a fine job writing about Slater Memorial Museum. I am always proud to brag about NFA and the fact that it is one of only two high schools with a museum. Beautiful, isn’t it?
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy. My family and I have been living in Sarasota, Florida for 14 years now and I still miss Connecticut.

    9. Connecticut Sam says:

      please sent to my email address stories about Connecticut buried treasures and ghost towns. Thanks.

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