Cavalry Brewing Beers (RIP)

Cavalry Brewing Beers

Cavalry closed in early 2014. (The space is now being utilized by Black Hog Brewing.) I did write up a visit to the brewery though, if you’re interested.

Beer List:

l107197-06172010-92327Big Wally Porter, B+
Dog Soldier Golden Ale, F
Cavalry Hatch Plug Ale, C+
Marauder IPA, D
Nomad Stout, B
X-Limited Edition (Lots vary), F

Why in the world am I writing portal page to reviews of beers that no one can ever drink ever again? I have no idea. Perhaps because when I drank these beers, you certainly could have done the same. And perhaps many of you did and thought to yourself, “I wonder what Steve thinks about this particular garbage-ohol? “

Well, then, this is for you.

Cavalry’s demise wasn’t really a surprise to me. The dude who ran the show, Mike, was an interesting guy – and was always very nice to me the few times I interacted with him. But let’s face facts: Not only was his limited style (English, English, English), um, limiting and not really up to speed with 2012 and beyond tastes, but something was often amiss with his quality control and/or recipes.

Many Cavalry beers were just not good. Plain and simple. Some were decent, none were interesting, and some were laughably bad. I had them all except, I think, the Article 15 Brown Ale and some of the X-Limted variants. By the time the X-Limited came out, everything had sort of gone to pot anyway, and chasing down beers that were all named the same but were different based on lot numbers would have been idiotic/impossible.

The odd thing to me was that Cavalry’s space was quite nice. Much of the equipment was shiny and new and the head brewer guy could really talk up his beers and his philosophy. So why did Cavalry fail? I really have no idea – and it could have been for reasons having nothing in the world to do with beer sales.

I’m sure someone out there knows the details. As for me, I will review most of Cavalry’s beers that no longer exist in this world. Which is absurd, I know.


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