Thimble Island American Ale

American Ale
Growler, $8.90, 5.3% ABV

Purchased at the brewery, Branford

thimble AmericanIt shouldn’t, but it bothers me that Thimble Island is Thimble Island rather than Thimble IslandS Brewing Company. Aren’t there a whole bunch of Thimble Islands? But this is America and this is American Ale and if poor geographic understanding isn’t American, I don’t know what is…

Ironically, finding some of Connecticut’s breweries requires a level of map reading skill most people don’t have.

Of course, map-reading is a skill that is disappearing thanks to GPS and hand-held tablets and smart phones. Those who know me know that I’m sort of obsessed with maps. I can “read” a map like normal people read books. I’ve stared at certain maps like Appalachian Trail maps and historic maps of Connecticut for hours upon hours. And of course, I love Google maps. Don’t be silly.

But when I’m driving, I have a folded up paper map or a paper print off. It’s my safety blanket. I love it. I do not get lost.

I take great pleasure in hearing stories of GPS-dependent drivers who fail to recognize reality and faithfully follow their gadgets into an ocean or a field because the GPS said so. I know they are smarter now, but I remember a time out in LA our rental car had a unit that was telling us to go down a traffic-clogged street. I expanded the view, saw parallel roads and boom, we passed hundreds of cars with stupid drivers just sitting still.

This picture is of a bus crash where the driver followed GPS instead of road signs.

2004354406And those people LIVE there. Amazing.

But unfortunately, cars + lazy + poor problem solving = American. On the flip side, delicious beer also = American these days. Tiny little micro and nano breweries from coast to coast are brewing up some incredible little beers, forever changing the landscape of US beer.

Thank goodness.

Thimble Island is tiny (for now) and only brewed this one beer for their first 8 months or so of existence. They clearly spent a lot of time on it and, quite simply, nailed it. This ale is malty AND slightly hoppy AND clean AND bitter AND spicy. All the best of what makes an American ale, American.

I was impressed. It’s not usually a style I gravitate towards, but I believe what the Thimble Island boys are doing and I believe in the intelligent way they are doing it. Very well done, very delicious and I’m looking forward to what they release down the road.

Overall Rating: A-
Rating vs. Similar style: A

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