Sunset Meadow Vineyards

My Goshen! That’s Good Wine!
Sunset Meadow Vineyards, Goshen

June 15, 2008

CTMQ Top View at a Winery Winner!

[December 2012 Update: Like the nearby Miranda Vineyard, we seem to have visited this place a lot of the last few years. It’s on a fairly main drag and during nice weather, the outdoor patio is pretty great for the boys. In fact, we visited in the last summer of 2012, while some guitarist was playing outside and everyone had a wonderful time. This was the 3rd winery we ever visited… so long ago.]


smd.jpgGood old Goshen, nestled between Nowhere and Nothing, is home to two vineyards and wineries. (The other, Miranda Vineyards, was visited as well.) We ended up out there pretty much on a whim, but I just happened to have our CT Wine Trail Passports, so we’ll keep Hoang believing that “whim” part.

[2012: It’s sort of silly for me to say Goshen is between two “nothings” as it is actually quite close to Litchfield.]

It was Father’s Day anyway, and even though I’m not exactly a big wine guy, this trip made me happy. I drove west on Route 4, through Torrington and on to Goshen. Past the much-better-than you’d thinkAction Wildlife Park and then the surreal Goshen Stampede where one lone anti-rodeo protester stood guard by the entrance. Bully for her. (Get it? “Bully?”)

Sunset Meadow is located on a beautiful parcel of land, high atop a hill. I noted that this wine tour stop offered winery tours, but then I looked at my crazy son and re-thought that idea. The usual tasting would have to suffice this time.

[2012: I think we dispensed with the tours right around this time as well. Since they’re all the same, what’s the point after a couple, y’know?]

Hoang: “Ahh, nice finish!” Damian: “Ahh, nice finish!”

“Sunset Meadow Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard located atop the Litchfield Hills. Our vineyards overlook the picturesque sunsets and extravagant scenery of the beautiful Western Connecticut Highlands.

At Sunset Meadow Vineyards, we pride ourselves on maintaining and operating the vineyards with tremendous precision, and always with respect for the environment and natural resources. Using sustainable farming methods our vines are hand pruned and harvested.

The Vineyards are spread over 40 acres of sloping, westerly exposed fields, creating an ideal setting for prime sun exposure and constant airflow necessary for vine health.”


As with all these places, a very large and very nice owner’s house stood sentry next to the tasting room – a very attractive tasting room, by the way, with a very large bar. Free chocolates and nuts were placed around the room for Damian to knock over. He was given some animal crackers, which was very nice.

We shared a tasting of six or seven wines, nodding our heads at appropriate times and saying things like “top note,” “plum,” “acidic,” and “oaky.” Although several of the wines were good, and our hosts were most excellent, we didn’t buy a bottle. I figure, driving out this far west now costs about a bottle of local wine… so I called it even in my head.



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