Big Red IPA

Big Red IPA
1 bottle, $1.79++ , 6% ABV

Purchased at Crazy Bruce’s, West Hartford

bigredI must admit: As I am sitting here tasked with reviewing the three offerings from the clowns behind Beaver Beer, I have to really think about not coloring my review with my annoyance at their entire scheme being nothing more than, “Let’s brew some pedestrian beer at the cheapest nearish contract brewer and market it to the hilt with beaver/sex puns.”

That’s it. That’s what their whiteboard down in Westport said. And on that front, they’ve succeeded mightily.

Now, if you haven’t read my intro to the Beaver boys, I suggest you do so. They have some seriously grandiose plans and what the heck, I wish them luck. I’m sure they’re nice guys… I just happen to think that for three marketing professionals, they are just corny as hell.

But, I addressed that already on the intro page, so let’s just get to the beer.

Beaver says:
Crafted from a heady blend of English & domestic style malts, combined with a bodacious infusion of Pacific Northwest hops, Big Red is a sinfully delicious session brew. Big Red’s malt backbone lends a smoothness and balances the impressive hoppy imagestones added through the kettle & dry hopping process. Its citrus aroma, brilliant medium-copper color, and long standing foam provide a most satisfying sensory impression. Not astringent or sweet, Big Red Beaver is an IPA you can enjoy day or night . After one taste you’re sure to say “bottoms up”.

Damnit, I can’t ignore this stuff. Heady. Bodacious. Sinfully. Bottoms up. Maybe it’s that I’ve never been a red head guy? (Though be advised: I am a brunette guy and their brewnette is their worst offering, by far.)

This was a serviceable IPA I suppose. It’s not terrible. It’s certainly not “bodacious” either. There are hops, for sure, but they seem to have been added to a simple base beer late in the game or something. Like someone said, “This is an IPA, let’s put some hops in it” with no real care. There is definitely something off about it. Must be that Paper City curse.

Like I said, these things will do the job in a pinch, but do you really want to pay a buck or two more for the whole stupid “beaver” joke thing.

Overall Rating: C+
Rating vs. Similar style: D

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