Clocktower Pale Ale

Clocktower Pale Ale
Gifted by the brewer, 6% ABV

Nice glass at the “brewery”

The family-CTMQ was to go get a Christmas tree on a chilly Sunday in early December. The wife-CTMQ noticed that Stew Leonard’s had undercut everyone’s prices, so since I don’t care a whit about a Christmas tree, cheap and easy works for me. Newington Berlin Turnpike grocery store for a tree it is then.

So what’s a little detour to Waterbury? Makes sense, right?

Sure. I buttered Hoang up with a delicious stop at Fascia’s Chocolates in the Dirty Water and then casually let her know that we’d also be stopping in at my friend Ed’s house.

“Who’s Ed? Why?”
“I’ve told you about him. Super nice guy, makes really, really good beer – you’ve had some before and you really liked it.”

I could see her thinking, “Yeah, great. But what about the two boys we have with us? And really? I’m in some guy’s basement in Waterbury to get some crappy home brew ostensibly on a trip to Newington to buy a cheap Christmas tree? What has happened in my life? Where did it all go so wrong?”

At that inner thought about her inner thought, I inwardly smiled. “Ed has a big fishtank and there are some toys for the boys to play with too.”

I later learned Hoang was under the impression that Ed was an old man and that the fact that he had toys lying around creeped her out a bit. I outwardly laughed at that.

I had sold my sons on the fish tank (a quite large affair with brightly colored fertile African cichlids of various species) but my wife was still iffy about the whole thing – even as we parked in the driveway.

I wasn’t worried; I know Ed. I know Ed’s Lasting Brass beer. All would be well.

Shout-out to Ed and his wife too, for accommodating us with only a few hours’ notice. My kids ignored Ed’s hellos and ran straight to the fish tank. Sweet, it worked! Ed greeted Hoang and we said hello to his wife and son and before I knew it, we were just two families hanging out, making good conversation.

Double sweet.

I would have been happy with just this sort of thing. But Ed being the man and all, he offered us up some beer. Frankly, I had come for his Apothecary Porter, but Ed noted that he had two other lines running: The Clocktower Pale and his Brass City Blonde .

Have I told you I’m kind of in love with Ed Silva?

Why yes young man, we both would enjoy a glass and why don’t you enjoy one yourself while we’re here.

At this point, Ed’s 4-year-old son had finished lunch and had joined my boys playing with some of the aforementioned toys. You SEE, HOANG, HE HAS A LITTLE BOY and is not a creepy old man.

(Note: Hoang is not on Twitter and never reads a word of this beer stuff, so she is to be forgiven.)

Up first was Ed’s American pale ale, the Clocktower.

Lasting Brass Says:

Ed doesn’t say anything about his beer. He lets it speak for itself. I mean sure, I could email him right now and ask what hops went into the beer or whatever, but I don’t want to distract him from his craft.

This clocktower here, in Waterbury, is the beer’s namesake. Keeping it local, keepin’ it Dirty Water.

More than just a typical pale ale, the Clocktower has a little bit more citrus than you’d expect, but it is incredibly smooth and delicious. After downing a glass, Hoang started to ask questions about how this operation worked.

“Do you pay him,” she whispered. “We totally should have brought them chocolates or something.” Next time, baby, we’ll bring the Silvas chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates. I promise. (I do bring Ed some nice bottles in trade when I can.)

I loved this beer. For her part, on the way home, Hoang said, “That first beer was as good as any you’ve ever given me during this asinine thing you’re doing with CT beer.”

Sorry Ed Silva, but I love her just a tad bit more than I love you.


Overall Rating: A
Rating vs. Similar style: A+

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