CT Farmers’ Market Trail

Connecticut Farmers’ Market Trail

e18f5d_2928cca1a465b6fdaac11961dbb65bf0.jpg_srz_323_284_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIt’s time like this when I just shake my head at people who ask when I’ll be done with CTMQ. Because the answer seems to be never – not that I have a problem with that! Every time I think I’m done listing lists, someone comes out with another cultural list in Connecticut.

Now, this one is iffy for me because really, aren’t all Farmers’ Markets the same? I tend to think they are, but I’m willing to give this trail a shot… If only because they asked me to. That, and who doesn’t love fresh produce and meeting cool people with an ethic I can get behind? And what the heck, the boys may enjoy themselves at these things now and again.

Their website is very well done and provides all you need to know to get going.

To have them explain it:

The Farmers’ Market Trail is a tour de force of special places across Connecticut well stocked with farm-fresh foods and those made with passion using local produce, where one will meet people who enjoy creating things that matter.

On the Farmers’ Market Trail you’ll also find the region’s best farm-to-table restaurants, hiking trails, beaches perfect for strolling, shops filled with handmade goods and vintage wares, art galleries, working farms, and historic sites… in the city, on the shoreline, and down winding country roads.

Chart your own course to discover our region’s agricultural bounty!

I’m thinking they are going to expand well beyond the 14 locations they list now. And frankly, that scares me off of this thing a bit. So we’ll see.

Connecticut Farmers’ Market Trail

Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, Coventry

Farmers Market at Billings Forge, Hartford
West End Farmers’ Market, Hartford
Norfolk Farmers’ Market, Norfolk
Litchfield Hills Farm-Fresh Market, Litchfield
Westport Farmers’ Market, Westport
Wethersfield Farmers’ Market, Wethersfield
Chester Sunday Market, Chester
CitySeed Markets, New Haven
Storrs Farmers’ Market, Mansfield
Putnam Saturday Farmers’ Market, Putnam
Denison Farm Market, Mystic
Stonington Farmers’ Market, Stonington
Lyme Farmers’ Market, Lyme

Connecticut Farmer’s Market Trail
CTMQ’s Food and Drink

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