‘Murican Pale Ale

All-American ’Murican Ale
1 draught pint, $3.75, 5.8% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

mericanI have really been putting a serious dent into the Cambridge House draught list. But they do this thing where they change the name of what is very most likely probably most definitely the same exact beer it was last year under a different name. As such, I’ve sort of given up on reviewing “every beer” in the state because logic and reality make that sort of impossible.

I know, I know… sounds like a lazy ‘Murican.

Regardless, if this was called “All American Ale” in the past and has morphed to become ‘Murican Ale, I’m totally on board. Everywhere I turn these days I see something “Murican. For me, it started with the presidency of George W. Bush – a guy born with the silveriest spoon in his mouth, raised in Greenwich, CT, educated at Yale and Harvard, who went on to somehow convince Real ‘Muricans that he was just a Real ‘Murican himself, clearin’ brush on his ranch.

From there, Real ‘Murica was emboldened by Real ‘Murican Sarah Palin. After her and the explosion of Fox “News,” Real ‘Murica pretty much became its own entity. And quickly became a parody of itself.

Hell, just today I learned that the great ‘Murican state of Mississippi is pushing through a law to outlaw any regulation on food labeling, portions, calorie counts, and nutritional info. 1 in 3 Mississippians are obese. So the state is pushing a law to make sure their constituents remain obese and diabetic and will die young. Why? Freedom from tyranny, that’s why.

dPdkJxGAnd that’s ‘Murica. (This ‘Murica also doesn’t seem to understand the real and direct correlations between diet and obesity, diabetes, public health, insurance costs, etc. And this bothers me because Mississippi is certainly dependent on public assistance for food and medical care way more than the average state. As Matt and Trey would say, “America! F**K YEAH!”)

Wow. That was a tangent.

Real ‘Murican Snickers Bar

And yes, I realize drinking beer isn’t exactly an entirely healthy thing to do but if I were to try to remember the last time I had more than two beers in one day… it would be several years ago. I only have one probably 95% of the time I drink beer.

I know, I just blew your mind. Sorry.

I have finally learned, after 8 months or so, that the blonde middle-aged bartender at CHB is named Vicky. She’s from Romania and has a distinctive Romanian accent. (No, I didn’t ask. I just overheard the regulars.)

Vicky was suggesting to a patron some beers and mentioned the ‘Murican Ale. The patron, seated to my left was intrigued. “Moroccan Ale?”
“ ‘Murican Ale.”
“What’s that? What makes it a Moroccan Ale?”
“ ‘Murican. Like American Ale. But it’s called ‘Murican.”
“But what, is there like Moroccan spices in it or something?”
“You just try it. You like it.”

I chuckled to myself.

In the end, THAT is American. A Romanian immigrant making a living in Granby, Connecticut pulling American Ales for dimbulb patrons. With a smile.

CBH says:

An APA utilizing both Apollo and Soriachi Ace hops for a creamy, resiny orange pith flavor and lemon creme aroma.

I’ve had a few Soriachi Ace beers and while they are definitely citrusy, I didn’t get any lemon crème aroma. The resin was certainly there though, that’s for sure. I rather enjoyed my ‘Murican Ale, though it was nothing to shoot off fireworks out of my butt about, like a Real ‘Murican would do.

Real ‘Murican

Overall Rating: B
Rating vs. Similar style: B+

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