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lThis is stupid. I’ve actually done a page like this years ago and it went nowhere and no one cared and I got bored of it.

But here I am again. Starting over. (I’ve deleted all that old stuff – a strange quirk of yours truly: When I abandon a project, I delete the whole thing as if it never existed.)

I’m sure this will go nowhere again, but maybe if I put some parameters around it this time, it’ll last longer. And I’m slightly drunk; and I can’t help myself.

I’ve written one Yelp review in my life. It was for the OSJL Bloomfield location. The insane part of that 1.5-year-old review is that the employees I wrote about are still there. The carpal tunnel guards are still worn. And the store is still awesome.

In the end, this place is like a museum of odd, yet often delicious, snack food. So there’s your CTMQ tie-in.

So okay, how to reign myself in with this nonsense?

1. I will only write about food and drink. (Christ, imagine if they sold alcohol here?)
2. I will only write about stuff that is under $5.00. Usually under $2.00.
3. I will not eat the Chinese shellfish in a can. I just won’t do it. (Though I have.)
4. I will keep each “review” as short as my OCD allows.
5. I will really, really, really try to keep on task regarding number 4.
6. Yes, I know many others have done blogs with this very same idea. But I don’t care.


Let’s get going… and OSJL fans, enjoy this while it lasts. As let’s admit, it won’t last too long I’m afraid.

OSJL’s forte: Snack Items
Cans, Jars, and Seafood
Liquid Refreshment
Other Edible Stuff

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  1. Twelve Mile Circle says:

    Does this portend the return of weird beverage pages, too?!? … 12MC asks excitedly.

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