1 draught pint, $3.75, 6.1% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

ambrodEveryone loves a good mystery. This beer certainly provides us one. I made a visit up to CHB during their end of the year blowout event type thing when they have all 12 tap lines hooked up to only Cambridge House beer.

You could look at that cynically and say they are just getting rid of the leftovers – or you could take the other view which is that they are taking a week to highlight some of their lesser-known beers.

OR, you could take the CTMQ view and think, “Holy crap, now’s my chance to drink a few of their beers I’ve never even heard of and take a picture of the momentous event and then go home and write 1000 words about it for an audience of 12.” Who’s with me here?

While I’m sure it exists somewhere, there is no description of the Ambrodisiac available to me at this moment. CHB is usually great about posting descriptions on their chalkboard, but when you’ve get 12 taps on, that’s just impossible. I did ask my server about it and got nothing more than “it’s an amber.”

CHB Says:


Of course, I don’t really blame the server either. He’s a nice guy and I think this is one of their least-known beers.

So yeah, it’s an amber. A very pretty amber at that. Just look at that picture there – a picture which I really enjoy. Why? Because I HATE being that douche taking pictures of things in restaurants. I take great pride in the fact that I don’t think anyone has ever seen me take any of my beer pictures yet. The bar was full when I was at CHB so I sat in a corner table – facing the corner. Perfect for secret beer photos!

1340055581_abrikosy2Anyway, the beer. There are some definite floral notes here and from what my weak palate could discern, some definite fruit. This beer tends towards the sweet side of things but not in a cloying way. (CHB does a pretty good job of keeping sweetness in control in all their beers.)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there was an apricot undercurrent; almost as if this was the brewer’s take on Magic Hat’s #9. But what’s weird is I kind of hate #9 but didn’t hate the Ambrodisiac. Like I said, mysterious.

I can tell you this: My wife would love this beer. It retains its “beerness” while exploring the fruit aisle after a stop at the bouquet counter.

Perhaps I’ll remember to come back to this page in the future if CHB ever gives me an explanation of this unique brew

Overall Rating: B-
Rating vs. Similar style: ?

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