Back East Ale

Back East Amber Ale, 5% ABV
Growler, $9 (+ $2 more if you get their growler)

Purchased at Back East Brewing Co., Bloomfield

What do you think of when you think of “amber?” Since I was writing this page in my head, I’ve been thinking about that and realized that the word calls to mind a whole bunch of things.

  • Amber: The fossilized tree resin (real) that trapped the mosquito from which the Jurassic Park dinosaurs (not real) were birthed.
  • Valletta, Amber: the model-actress who is almost as old as I am
  • Mariano, Ambah: the Survivor/Amazing Race beauty who married the Survivor/Amazing Race Boston Rob guy. Sadly, she may be the first “Amber” I think of and I can confirm she was Hoang’s first thought upon hearing the world. Lame. I just Googled her and learned those cats now have 3 little girls all under 3.
  • Amber by 311: that impossibly awful song our local “alternative rock” station insists on playing way too often
  • Alert, Amber: The nationwide system set up to alert the populace when I go off on a totally stupid tangent – like right now.
  • Amber, Back East Ale: The reason you’re reading this page.
  • Y’know, I should have spent the extra two bucks for their branded growler. Back East’s are printed with the handsome company logo and certainly would have made this picture look a lot better. But, as anyone who has read more than 3 pages on CTMQ knows, quality photography ain’t my thing.

    And really, neither is writing 8 paragraphs about the different aspects of quality beer. So I’ll cheat a little bit and borrow Back East’s own words about their signature beer:

    Back East says:

    Our Flagship offering, Back East Ale is a medium-bodied amber ale. This amber-colored beer features a subtle fruity aroma with hints of vanilla and peach. It has a smooth malt character that is nicely balanced with just a slight hop bitterness and a clean, crisp finish. Once you taste this favorite, we’re sure you’ll be reaching for another “Back East”!

    The key word here is “smooth.” For this is most definitely a smooth beer. In fact, Hoang described it as “really smooth.” It’s also much more flavorful than most beers in the “amber ale” family. While I couldn’t pick out any subtle fruity aromas or hints of vanilla or peach, I could definitely verify the bit about the bitterness being balanced with some natural sweetness.

    Amber “Ambah” (Brkich) Mariano

    I’m not afraid to say that the two of us polished off the growler in one Saturday night. It is totally a session beer that doesn’t leave the drinker too full, too drunk or too anything. It’s just straight up delicious beer that I highly recommend.

    Overall Rating: B+
    Rating vs. Similar style: A

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