The Best Recipes in the World


Why am I doing this? I have no idea. I can’t write about food and I’m only passable in the kitchen. But I like the ridiculous idea for some reason… And I love Mark Bitten. His evolution as a food writer has taken him to become a leading “lessmeatarian” and a locavore. He’s started a great program called Food Matters and he’s brought rational and impassioned thought to the way we cook and eat.

But I have his book, “The Best Recipes in the World,” and I love it. (He did a short TV series on it.) It has “over 1000 Internatinoal dishes to cook at home” in it. No, I harbor no dreams of cooking 1000 dishes from this book. I’m not Julie Whoever from the Julie & Julia stuff. It’s a great book, almost readable a good, thick nonfiction book.

I just like making random/interesting food, often from stuff we find in our pantry or have leftover. This may go nowhere, I’ll forget to document dishes, etc, etc. And know this: There are some really wacked out recipes in this book… And Hoang will most likely whip up as many as I as we go along – though she has about 20 other cookbooks that she actually uses.

Mark Bittman’s important website
About the book


1. Appetizers and Snacks (pages 17-104)
2. Soups (pages 105-163)
3. Salads (pages 164-204)
4. Fish (pages 205-271)
5. Poultry (pages 272-344)
6. Meat (pages 345-426)
7. Vegetables(pages 427-503)
8. Grains (pages 504-581)
9. Sauces and Condiments (Seems kind of silly for this, but pages 582-617)
10. Desserts (pages 618-658)
11. Beverages (pages 659-672)

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