Taqueria Tavern Mexican Soda

Yo Quiero Taqueria Tavern
Taqueria Tavern, West Hartford

mexI’m sure there are several other Mexican joints around the state that make their own sodas, but I think visiting one will sort of cover the gamut. So please, fans of the CTMQ section on “homemade CT sodas,” don’t email me about your favorite Mexican soda joint.

What is Mexican soda? I have no idea, really, but according to this restaurant it is, “Tavern Made, 100% Agave nectar flavored soda.” They pretty much just have a bunch of flavor syrups and some soda water and squirt them together and that’s that.

But the Tavern has a ton of flavors – some quite unique like toasted marshmallow and passion fruit chocolate. I went with blood orange.

It was pretty good, but did you know that soda drinking has become epidemic in Mexico? And that Mexico is getting obese because of their soda addiction? You should read this article about it all. It’s pretty disturbing.

I don’t really know much about Taqueria Tavern, but I should. The bar was quite nice and they had a decent line up of beer. I’ve heard and read the food is pretty good too. (It has to be better than the previous tenant in the space – C.O.Jones, which was abysmal Mexican food.


So, yeah. There you go. Semi-Homemade soda.

Taqueria Tavern
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