I needed a page to put the random stuff that falls outside of what CTMQ is truly all about. That doesn’t mean it’s any less important to me – I love this stuff. There are other random things that aren’t really “CTMQ” things over in the Ingest section too, if you’re on a mission to read things that aren’t the norm ’round these parts.

Highpointing & Peak-Bagging
Modern Library Top 100 Book Challenge
Non-Connecticut Travel, Humor, & Lists

Non-Connecticut Hiking and Peak-Bagging:

Don’t tell anyone, but this is perhaps my favorite pursuit. Moreso than museums. If I had the time and money, I’d knock off these lists right away. As life would have it, what with two little kids and a mortgage and a job and all that, these are pretty much life-long pursuits. I’m okay with that. (You’ll note a lot of overlap on the lists below. But each list is “maintained” by a separate club or organization and each list has slightly different rules and awards and such.)

The Black Head Range in the Catskills

Note: As with everything on CTMQ, no matter what I’ve done in my life, these lists begin anew with the advent of digital photography and a wife. It just makes more sense.

If I am able to complete the three lists above, I’ll also have completed the:

  • Northeast 111 (115) – All 111 peaks (plus 4 historical screw-ups) in New York and New England over 4,000 feet.

So I’ll just link other reports on this list.

The ol’ ADK’s

Modern Library Top 100 Books Challenge:

Non-Connecticut Travel, Humor, & Lists:

  • The 2006 World Cup Tour! – Hitting local pubs and restaurants that coincide with the countries playing soccer. Cooler than it sounds.
  • Out-of-State Breweries – Just because
  • US National Park Visits – Definitely list-worthy
  • Past vacations – Hoang and I did some some good stuff over the years. Not all of them, unfortunately, were captured on digital though. Oh well. These links contain mainly just pictures.


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