Tour Stop 3: Germany

Old Heidelberg
55 Stony Hill Rd, Bethel

September 29, 2013 at noon

Please just leave a comment below if you probably can or will be able to join us for this. Please include your REAL email address in the correct field (I’m the only one who sees it), and probable number in party. Don’t be scared.


Here is where the idea for this came from – the CT Restaurant Tour of the World.


ohThe first thing everyone says when I mention this outing is, “what about the East Side Restaurant in New Britain?!” Fair point, but let me explain… The whole idea of this “food tour” is to get to different places around the state. Since Connecticut is small, this is easy to do. Everyone knows of East Side – hell, they have billboards in the most random far-off secondary roads all over the state. But how many people know of the Old Heidelberg in Bethel?

How many people have even been to Bethel?

And that’s the point. If I stuck to Hartford county, I’d get bored and you would too. And besides, from what I understand, this place is straight up authentic and less “Ticky Tocky Oi! Oi! Oi!”

This, my friends, is Oktoberfest and I’ve never been to anything like this. The first thing I learned is that Oktoberfests are in September, not October. You can learn all about the centuries-old Bavarian Oktoberfest tradition here. The bottom line for us is that this is a family friendly event with traditional German food and beer.

ef63862c93cdeb4f7d2b890e9b3215f0According to their website, the Old Heidelberg will have a “beergarten with a small tent, kids entertainment, Oktoberfest beer and foods, German store, music and fun.”

Sounds good to me. For this event, since I’m not sure how it works over there, I’m not sure I’ll even make reservations. I know the biggest night is the last Saturday, but I thought it would be cool to have at least one of these be kid-friendly. (As one who pays out the ying yang for babysitting, this is selfishly advantageous to me… IF we bring our kids.)

So Sunday at noon it is. Bring whomever (though I would like to have a general headcount so I can give them a heads up if we’re going to be a large party) and stay til whenever. And heck, for once I don’t even care when you arrive – though if we bring our boys, we won’t last all day. If you care.

Note 1: I have no idea what happens if it rains. If it means they/we cancel, then this event will have to wait until 2014. This is also why having your email address is beneficial to me.

Note 2: This will be the last gathering until January, so you know… Don’t miss it!

I’ll admit it, this does not look appealing to me at all.

The rules:

1. The restaurant will probably be aware of what’s going on.
2. Each person/couple/pre-determined group will be responsible for their own bill. No one will be sharing bills with people they don’t know. Perhaps a pain for the waitstaff, but c’mon, it just makes sense.
3. Don’t drive drunk.
4. Don’t expect free food. Don’t even ask for free food. This is not a “food blogger” event.
6. Tip well
5. Try not to be too late.
6. You do NOT have to know me – or anyone else. Just don’t be creepy.

Size of party is pending interest in this whole thing. So for now, please just comment that you want to join us. Then I’ll figure it out from there. I hope I’m not alone, but if I am, so be it.



Old Heidelberg
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  1. Michele says:


  2. Margaret says:

    I’m in.

  3. Emily says:

    Most likely. Plus 1.

  4. OktoBEERfest: Connecticut | Now Beer This! says:

    [...] CT Museum Quest Oktoberfest [...]

  5. Martina says:

    Most likely.

  6. Rick says:

    Yes and hopefully will bring at least one friend.

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