Stop 3: Old Heidelberg Diners

Okay, I’m starting to feel more comfortable with this idea, now with three of these gatherings under my belt (at the time of this writing). For our third “trip,” we “went” to Germany – speficially Oktoberfest at Old Heidelberg out in Bethel. At first, I thought people may shy away from a far flung, little known town like Bethel. But on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant only a few minutes off of I-84, I was there in 45 minutes. That ain’t no thang.

This one was the loosey goosiest one yet. Since the set up at the restaurant was an expansive array of outdoor tables and food was a buffet line, I didn’t chase down anyone about attending. And in the end, there was a great turnout.

The Oktoberfest platter from Old Heidelberg

I didn’t obsess over anything – probably because I was planning to bring my offspring, so my attention would be focused on them.

For purposes of continuity with these Food Tour pages, here is the guest list. A few new faces… and a few familiar ones. A good mix.


The lineup:

The family Wood: Me, Hoang, Damian, Calvin. (The nerdy one, the beautiful one, the goofy one, the cute one). We have a lot of inside jokes and all 3 males in the family have a terrible habit of mumbling too much. We’re sorry in advance. Just talk to Hoang, she’s our family representative in social situations – and she performs that role impeccably and impressively.

Amy and Ryan Kundrat: They live in Bethel and have rescue greyhounds and hang out at Lime Rock. They are rad.

Joe Hartwell: He’s friends with the Kundrats and knows more about art than the rest of us put together. He lives in a secret island lair* somewhere in Danbury.
*This may or may not be true.

Best Nazi comedy ever.

Margaret Honan and Martina Fialova: Born in Poland and Slovakia respectively, they deserve credit for attending a celebration of German culture. Cause, you know, they have a few historic reasons to hate Germany. Margaret is the official photographer for these events, so smile for her.

Rick Bassett: I only “know” Rick from Twitter, but I feel like I know a lot about him. For instance, I know he rather hates teabaggers and The Today Show, while rather enjoying martinis. I support these positions, so I support Rick.

Miss Germany 2013, Caroline Noeding (So far, Miss Portugal is winning).

Emily Tracey and Kristyn Wakelin: BFFs from Glastonbury who suffer the life-long tragedies of being referred to by her last name and endless misspellings of her misspelled first name, respectively.

Michele Herrmann: I don’t know her, but she should be given props for RSVPing solo. For that alone, I like her and will allow her to deal with my kids the most. Congrats to Michele!

Good times.


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