Connecticut Chocolate Trail

I’m Coo-Coo For Cocoa Nibs
Connecticut Chocolate Trail

cho4.jpgYears ago when I was shaping what CTMQ was to become and seeking out all the cultural and historic “trails” that I felt would be worthy and interesting to complete, I made the decision to exclude any purely commercial trails. Not that there are many, but the ones I am thinking of are just kind of stupid to “complete” in the way I do for the stuff on this site.

But then the state came out with this chocolate trail thing and while I have no idea how this “trail” came together, it’s CHOCOLATE. (What I mean is I don’t know if the chocolatiers paid to be part of this trail or not. I suspect not, as the list is pretty short and from what I know, it really is the crème de la chocolate crème.)

As they say, “there is a world of chocolate that can be found right here in Connecticut. Believe it or not, our state is home to many world-renowned chocolatiers and local chocolate artisans who create an experience that is decadent and rich in flavor.”

So as I criss-cross the state chasing down slightly boring this and somewhat boring that, I’ve now another enticement to drag my wife along with me. And for that, I’m completely behind the Connecticut Chocolate Trail.

The Sweet Spots:

Belgique Chocolatier, Kent, Multiple Visits (Closed 2012)
Bridgewater Chocolates Store, West Hartford, Multiple Visits
CocoaShack, Cheshire, Multiple Visits
Chocolate Rain, Norwalk
Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe, Ridgefield, August 27, 2012
Divine Treasures, Manchester, June 9, 2012
Fascia’s, Waterbury, Multiple Visits
H. Mangels Confectioner, Milford
Hillside Sweet Shoppe, East Haddam
Knipschildt Chocolatier/Café Chocopologie, Norwalk, June 13, 2009
Munson’s, Bolton, Multiple Visits
The Chocolate Lab, Greenwich, May 25, 2013 (Closed 2014)
Thompson Brands, Meriden
Thorncrest Farm and Milk House Chocolates, Goshen, March 16, 2014
Tschudin Chocolates & Confections, Middletown, January 9, 2015

This was Belgique in Kent. They’re closed and that makes me sad.

5 responses to “Connecticut Chocolate Trail”

  1. jen says:

    I want to go! I could give expert reviews…..just sayin’

  2. SageAlum says:

    Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shop in Ridgefield had the best Champagne truffle I have EVER had! Beat out the ones I’ve tried at Bridgewater Chocolates so far…

  3. SageAlum says:

    Steve, you can add CocoaShak in Cheshire, CT to the list. The truffles are great, flavors are unique and prices are darn good!

  4. Dawn says:

    I agree with Sage, CocoaShak is outrageous! The chocolate is outstanding, the flavors are different & delicious! Chris the owner is a Culinary Institue trained chef, I was very impressed with the shop.

  5. T$ says:

    You should add Thorncrest Farm in Goshen, CT to your trail list for its artisinal Milk House Chocolates. (Seredipitously, it is near a couple of the wineries along the CT Wine Trail.) My family stopped by this dairly farm last weekend in conjunction with the Goshen Open Farm Tour sponsored by the Goshen Agricultural Council. The chocolates are top class although I did not ask which brand of couverture chocolate is employed. However, the milk for their chocolate is produced by their own dairy cows. In fact, Thorncrest is the only choclatier of whom I am aware that produces single cow chocolates. Its raspberry infused Supreme’s chocolates utilizes milk from a Holstein cow named Supreme. The Hazelnut Coffee utlizes a milk blend contributed by Princess, Viola and Pearl. Also of note amongst the myriad flavors is the Mr. Ives’s Mint which includes fresh mint leaves resulting in an intense minty flavor. (No there is not a bull named Mr Ives contributing anything to the mix.)

    Full disclosure: I have no affiliation with the above reference farm other than I liked the chocolates.

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