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Why I Love My Wife and Why You’re Glad You’re Not Married to Me
Part 67

Congratulations on finding a “hidden” CTMQ page that I created just me for, because it makes me laugh.

When I was going over my pages on our wineries I was pleased with the fact that I took the same general picture of my wife at so many of them Unfortunately not all though. Here they are – if only to entertain me. (I really don’t feel like going and finding the originals to make them bigger, sorry.)

Jerram, May 2008

Sunset Meadow, June 2008

Miranda, June 2008

Rosedale, September 2008

Connecticut Valley, October 2008

Heritage Trail, November 2008

McLaughlin, November, 2008

Digrazia, November 2008

Hopkins, November 2008

Haight-Brown, November 2008

Cassidy Hill, May 2009

Holmberg, July 2009

Bishop’s, July 2009

Jones, October 2009

Stonington, October 2009

Jonathan Edwards, October 2009

Taylor Brook, November 2009

Saltwater, May 2010

Lost Acres, September 2011

White Silo, September 2012

Arrigoni, October 2012

Savino, December 2012

Walker Road, July 2013

Cracks me up.

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