DuVig Beer Brewing Company Beers

DuVig Brewing Company Beers


Beer List:

Cream Ale, B-
Brown Ale, B
Pale Ale, B+


My 2014 visit to the brewery is here.

As I write this page, I’m staring up at only three beers. Three standard ales. A cream, a brown and a pale. Boom, boom, boom. Some have suggested that this is a problem.

duDuVig disagrees. And I agree with DuVig’s disagreement.

DuVig Brewing Company has a simple brewing philosophy; produce quality session beers that are brewed to style Our beer is easy-drinking yet full of flavor without the high alchohol content. We brew beer that is ‘true to style’ and won’t leave you guessing.

Now, who knows when you’re reading this page… Perhaps there are way more than three beers above now. Heck, perhaps DuVig has succumbed to the 2016 local/craft beer bubble? (Note, I’m writing this in June 2014, so I just made that up. Even though I believe it will happen to some degree.)

So let’s stick to 2014 reality here. DuVig opened in late spring 2014 with their non-splashy line-up of three solid session ales. So yes, low ABV and standard styles. But I like that – as long as they are well-made, that is.

Every brewery has its own philosophy. Some recent openings go big and complex (OEC in Oxford), some go wacky (Shebeen in Wolcott), some go with huge variety (Stubborn Beauty) and some should go home (I’m not that mean.) DuVig has gone simple.

Really, really simple.

And like I’ve now said, if simple is done well, it can be sublime. Time will tell for these guys, time will tell.

DuVig Brewing Company
My 2014 visit to the brewery here.
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