Hizzoner Maibock

Hizzoner Maibock
5 oz?, $2.00, 6.5% ABV

Purchased at the brewery, Stratford

maibockOne could kvetch about the “everything for a buck” mentality at Two Roads, and I’ve done a small bit of it here and there. But the fact is, they are in business and as such, they need to make money to support their huge operation to be successful. I have no issue with that.

I have no issue with their prominent gift shop selling every sort of Two Roads knick-knack one can imagine. I have no issue with their plan to contract brew as much as they possibly can – way more than their own imprint. I wish Two Roads all the success in the world.

So, am I a jerk for having an issue with them charging two bucks for a taste, aka “sample” of their beer? It just seemed so corny to me. There I was, enjoying a full pint and, quite frankly, marveling at their massive and professional production lines. Two roads is an impressive brewery. Clearly, many millions of dollars were poured into this place.

And clearly, the owners owe investors large portions of those many millions. And that, perhaps, is why you are charged two dollars for a few ounces of each taste you wish to have. Is Two Roads alone in this? I’ll go out on a limb and say yes – at least for brewery only breweries in Connecticut in 2013. Am I lame for even bringing this up? Yeah, probably. I mean, I spent more on gas to get down to Statford and the taproom is so nice, two bucks seems like a fair price to pay simply to enjoy beer there.

So I’ll shut up about it.

Two Roads says:

628x471We proudly announce our newest beer for the arrival of spring: Hizzoner Maibock. 6.5% ABV and smooth on the finish- this golden/amber lager is still a sessionable treat. Come by and try it in our tasting room or at select restaurant/bars around the state this May.

Well that didn’t help me out at all.

But this guy? He’s the (current) Mayor of Stratford: Hizzoner John Harkins. Pretty milquetoast. Like Two Roads. Like Maibocks. Like the large majority of Connecticut mayors.

Although Two Roads is sort of onboard with creating “accessible” – though very good – beers, I was sort of surprised by this beer. It had a sort of sour apple quality to it I wasn’t expecting. It also had a sweetness like caramel. And I didn’t like it.

Two Roads isn’t known for strong flavors, but with this non-bottled, non-canned seasonal, I guess they went a little out of their usual box. But the thing is, this maibock tasted like a straight lager that had some flavoring added to it at the end. I don’t think Two Roads would ever go that cheesy route, but this beer just didn’t seem cohesive.

On the flipside, Two Roads has quickly become known for clever beer names and cool events. While the Sikorsky’s were at the Igor’s dream launch, they had Stratford’s mayor at this beer’s launch. So that’s cool.

As I further hone my list of styles I like and those I don’t, I’m learning maibocks are certainly in that latter group more and more.

Overall Rating: C
Rating vs. Similar style: C-

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