Daniel’s Dairy Downtown*

I’d like a Double D Cup
Ice Cream and Milk at Daniel’s Dairy Downtown, New London

September 1, 2012

*No longer actually Connecticut made ice cream

ddI was going to title this, “I’d like a Double D Cup, Bra” but figure (and hope) the current slang “bra” meaning “bro” meaning “my friend” will have disappeared soon and therefore rendering the title completely nonsensical and obsolete.

It is a good one though. The title, not the stupid slang word.

Besides the title pun, I’m not sure why I’m bothering with this page. For you see, the business minds behind Daniel’s Dairy Downtown no long make their own ice cream. And no, it’s no longer made across New London at Michael’s Dairy either, as many assume. (Michael’s, for what it’s worth, also no longer make their own.) In fact, if my sleuthing and my inside sources are correct, Daniel’s is now wholly independent and gets their ice cream from some dairy in… in… I’m finding it hard to say… in Massa –errch. Massa-bleechhh. Massachuuu-urp.

Sorry. In Massachusetts.

Therefore, this place no longer qualifies for my already-too-big list of Homemade ice cream joints around Connecticut.

So why bother with it? Especially since the pictures of the boys are nowhere near as cute as they often are? Hell, I don’t even have a Calvin picture, so I’ll throw this one in from that morning:


I don’t know. Maybe just to expose Daniel’s for what it is. And maybe to point out that they have this sort of creepy machine that “makes” your flavor right there, which I don’t find the least bit appealing.

While they have great lineup of Massachusetts hard ice creams, made terrible only by their provenance, they offer a TON of soft serve flavors. How do they do it? They have a vanilla base (or perhaps a non flavored base of some sort) to which they add a bunch of flavoring juice/gel/goop to and mix it up and voila!


Pumpkin (or whatever) ice cream!

Just not my thing.

Daniel’s Dairy Downtown

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