New England Brewing Company Beers

New England Brewing Company

nebco(One of) my (many) visit(s) to NEBCO is here.

Beer List:

668 The Neighbor Of The Beast, A+
668 Chardonneighbor Of The Beast, D
Attempted RedRum (Rum Barrel barleywine), A+
Coup Beans Coffee Oatmeal Stout, B
Elm City Pilsner, A
Fancy Pants Flanders
Friar’s Quad Quadrupel, A
Gandhi-Bot Double IPA, A+
Ghost Pigeon Porter, A
Gold Stock Ale, A+
Imperial Stout Trooper, A+
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper, A-
Pre-Meditated Murder Barleywine, A
Sea Hag IPA, A+
Scrumtrulescent Saison, A
Wet Willy Scotch Ale, B
Weiss Trash Culture, B+
Zapata Bot

Single-Hop Series:

While you never know if and when NEBCO will repeat these, you can be sure they are all beyond great if you like highly-hopped ales.

Coriolis Pale Ale, A+
Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA, A+
Galaxy Pale Ale, A
Supernaut IPA, A+

Fat Ten-er Series:

In 2013, NEBCO got a 10 Barrel system. “Our Fat Ten-er series is brewed up in our chubby, little ten barrel tank.” They plan to mess around a bit with it. I plan to enjoy that.

Fat Ten-Er #1 Belgian Pale Ale, B+
Fat Ten-Er # 2, Double IPA, A+
Fat Ten-Er # 3, Milk Stout, B-
Fat Ten-Er # 4, Red Ale, A
Fat Ten-Er # 5, Smoked Old Ale

Cask Beers:

Some of these get repeated, some not. Bottom line: Consider yourself lucky as hell to have any of these.

Double Dry Hopped Fuzzy Baby Ducks, A
Coffee Infused Imperial Stout Trooper, B
Double Dry-Hopped Gandhi-Bot, A+
Mesquite Infused 668 Neighbor of the Beast, C-
Cherry Vanilla Imperial Stout Trooper
Peppercorn Scrumtrulescent Saison


NEBCOsmallI’ve made no secret on this site and via the Twitters that I am an unabashed fan of NEBCO beers. Anytime I’ll be heading up or down the Wilbur Cross near the tunnel, I try to remember to bring a growler or two for a quick stop at the nondescript but always great brewery in Woodbridge.

If you’re lucky, they’ll have some rarities lying around. I was lucky during one such stop and scored a very rare 668 Chardonneighbor Of The Beast bottle. Rare because it’s a Chardonneighbor and rare because it’s a NEBCO beer in a bottle. (And also rare because I didn’t like it at all, but we’ll get into that on its own page.)

NEBCO makes the styles of beer that I love: IPAs, stouts, porters, imperials, dubbels, trippels, and even a quad. They make them with care and label them with wit and humor. For these reasons, I usually say that New England Brewing Company is my current favorite CT brewery.

New England Brewing Company
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  1. AlexD says:

    Pretty informational list…until I saw the score for Chardonneighbor. What the heck?! That and FBD are their best beers!

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