TSTL1 – Talcott Mountain

The Sky’s the Limit 2015 Hiking Challenge #1
Talcott Mountain State Park, Heublein Tower

May 2, 2015

Here we go! I’m not sure I can complete this challenge with my sons, but I think I’m going to try. We started off with one of the more difficult climbs, so maybe that will motivate them. I told them that they’d get medallions if they do the whole thing, but that didn’t really get them too jazzed. Since I’ve been to all of these challenge places before, these TSTL pages will mostly be just photos.

One of the “required” TSTL pictures

The Tower Path is 1.3 miles or so up… the first half mile is pretty steep in places.

There are nice benches along the way up. The boys enjoyed each one.

Examining woodpecker holes

Another bench, this time with snacks.

The view of Simsbury and the Farmington River Valley

“The Sky’s The Limit!”

I like this picture

This one’s pretty good too

The other required picture – Thanks, random guy

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