Snoopy Rock II

While Snoopying Around Preston
Snoopy Rock II, Preston

October 5, 2013

Beautiful fall day, full of CTMQ stuff in southeastern Connecticut. The itinerary had us stopping by the Preston Ridge Vineyard in Preston. This was significant in that it is the very last open winery in the state that I have not yet visited. (Believe it or not Hoang has been to all but one and Damian has been to all but a different one.)

So there was purpose.

My crude map of the area misidentified the road we were looking for, but I picked up the next road to double back around. This was Brickyard Road and it is a lovely little road, especially in the fall. A few rises and twists later, we passed this Snoopy Rock.

ro k

Dedicated rock fans know that there are two Snoopy rocks in Preston. (My page on the other one here)

I kept driving to get to the vineyard. As we pulled up to the entrance, a small sign told us that it was closed for a private event. Dagnabbit!

We were so close… so close to FINISHING A LIST on this website. This happens pretty much never. (And a new winery is slated to open in Glastonbury soon, so if that’s still a go, my completion would have been short-lived anyway. Such is the life of being the CT Museum guy.)

So we headed back west on route 2, but not before I detoured again to get a picture of Snoopy.

Facebook fans know that a bunch of people who follow me there actually drive down this backroad quite frequently. I was a bit shocked, I must admit. In fact one woman on facebook wrote, “My college roommate’s grandparents used to own that land and the pumpkin farm across the street. When they sold that part, the new owners agreed to keep painting it.”

Why the affinity for Snoopy in Preston? I have no idea. But it is very real.

By the way, I’ve seen a few people recently claim to have the definitive list of CT painted roadside rocks. That’s ridiculous, of course, as my list is far more robust than any others I’ve seen… And I’d never pretend to have them all. Oh well.

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