Two-Headed Goat

Hay Kids
Riverview Farms, Glastonbury

October 18, 2008

Yeah that’s right. I’m including a potentially fleeting two-headed goat attraction. Sure there’s a great (free!) petting zoo here and all sorts of fall frolic and fun. But we came for one thing and one thing only: The promise of a two-headed goat. And some nice views from the parking lot I suppose:

My next long-distance trail to do – The Shenipsit – traverses those hills (Update: Shenipsit, completed!)

Actually, a visit to Riverview Farms is worth it, even without the two-headed goat. You can read all about the place on the CTMQ page here.

But this page is dedicated to Toggy, the two-headed goat! Check this little bugger out!

Oh my.

How awesome is that? She was born on January 21st this year, right in the room we were standing in! Just a genetic abnormality, Toggy had two spines too, but only one set of organs. I think it was still-born, but mama popped out another kid who lived to be fine. Here’s a better shot:

Keep your chins up, kid

My page on Riverview’s Fall Festival

Riverside Farms – Hurry, Riverview’s only open early Sept-Halloween!

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