Extreme CT Geo-Tour 2012

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August 4, 2012

Last year, we put together a fundraiser for the Smith-Magenis Research Foundation and raised nearly $14,000. It was, in short, pretty darn awesome. One of the items up for auction was spending an entire day with me trying to hit all of Connecticut’s extreme geographic points. I know, right? Exciting!

A young Damian “enjoying” the geographic center of Hartford

TWO guys (neither from Connecticut!) won with generous donations and I’ve figured it out to the best of my ability. There are no promises of completion – only a promise of giving it our best shot.

Update: Now that it’s done – and was an unmitigated success – I can lay out the highlights of the 5AM-9PM adventure:

The afternoon prior to our insanity, Tom from Virginia (author of the excellent “Geographical Oddities” site Twelve-Mile Circle) had a few hours to spare so I suggested he use the time wisely. He did, driving north to check out the Southwick Jog which is, believe it or not the geo-oddity that allowed Tom to originally “find” me online several years ago.

You may find this tidbit somewhat hard to believe too, but I would posit that this page includes 3 of the top ten page views of all time on CTMQ. The Southwick Jog is one, Satan’s Kingdom and The Biggest House is the other. The Jog and the House are also, I think, 2 of the top 3 commented on pages as well. People DO care about this stuff, man (even if half the comments on both of those pages lambaste me.)

Oh yeah, to all of you who want to replicate this feat, I must tell you that I take no responsibility for your trespassing, speeding, and/or illegal parking. I’m a fake-professional – you’re not. Ok, let’s get to it.

Satan’s Kingdom Drive-thru (Satan’s Kingdom street sign currently missing)
Coldest town in Connecticut drive-through (Norfolk)
Northernmost point in Connecticut (Angle Bound 196 in Salisbury)
Hike to highest point in Connecticut
Hike to CT-NY-MA Tri-Point
Highest elevation pond in Connecticut (Bingham Pond in Salisbury)
Deepest natural lake in Connecticut (Lake Wononscopomuc in Salisbury)
Largest waterfall in Connecticut (Kent Falls)
Largest land-area town in Connecticut (New Milford)
Largest lake in Connecticut (Candlewood Lake, New Milford)
Westernmost point in Connecticutin (Greenwich)
Drive down NY Route 120A, CT’s “stolen road”
Southernmost point in Connecticut (Great Captain Island, Greenwich)
Most populous town in Connecticut (drive through, Bridgeport)
Smallest Indian Reservation in the nation (Golden Hill Paugussetts in Trumbull)
Smallest by land area town in Connecticut (Derby)
Longest River in Connecticut (Drive over Connecticut River 2x)
Hell Hollow Lake and Road Voluntown
Easternmost point in Connecticut (Angle Bound q in Sterling)
Largest House in Connecticut (drive-by)


Things we missed due to logistical reality: CT-MA-RI tri-point, the
Geographic Center of Hartford, the Largest Natural lake (Bantam Lake), Charles Island tombolo (Milford), Largest beach (Hammonassett), the most pointless point (Stratford), and the least populated town (Union).

6 responses to “Extreme CT Geo-Tour 2012”

  1. caroline says:

    are you sure they weren’t bidding on NOT having to do this?

  2. a bristling son says:

    Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

  3. Twelve Mile Circle says:

    My wife’s reaction upon seeing the detailed itinerary — you guys are [expletive] insane. To which I replied — yup, pretty much so.

  4. My Craziest Geo-Oddity Adventure Ever » Twelve Mile Circle » maps, geography, travel says:

    [...] the stars aligned for Saturday, August 4th, and thus we set the date. Steve worked out an agenda and placed it on his website, prompting someone to comment: "are you sure they weren’t bidding on NOT having to do [...]

  5. chris says:

    how many miles of driving? my guess 190

  6. Twelve Mile Circle says:

    It was quite simply an awesome adventure unlikely ever attempted by anyone previously. Thanks again Steve for an unprecedented day of Connecticut geo-extremes. Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The most amazing part was when you shrunk me down to miniature size and placed me on top of the boundary marker (see photo above). My apologies to landowners impacted by our discreet trampling on their acreage albeit for a good cause, and to those startled by my camera pointed towards them unexpectedly.

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