Ominous Turkey Vultures

Nothing to See Here, Carrion…
West Hartford

Just a couple pictures of the house across the street from mine. Our neighbor is not the youngest of widows, so when I happened to see a whole bunch of turkey vultures roosting on her roof (with many more in the trees next to the house), it was hard for my imagination to not get the best of me. You really hardly ever see a flock of turkey vultures unless they are swooping over carrion – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch sitting on a suburban roof before. It was sort of odd.



But rest assured, our neighbor (and her dog) were seen alive and well later that morning.

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4 responses to “Ominous Turkey Vultures”

  1. Kerri says:

    This *is* creepy.

    I saw a disembodied crow’s wing on the sidewalk last week. Think the turkey vultures topped that.

  2. Twelve Mile Circle says:

    You know I love the creepy articles!

  3. martinet says:

    We live right behind a high school football field, and on occasion we’ve seen the turkey vultures perch on the big field lights. They’ll sit there with their wings open, as in your photo–looks ominous but really they’re just drying out.

  4. Steve says:

    Great. So now we have drunk turkey vultures?!

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