Chester Winter Carnivale

Chester Winter Carnivale
February 2011

The winning ice sculpture

Attended: Sunday Afternoon (this is a one-day afFair)
Parking: Free!
Distance to Fair: None to worry about
Cost: Free!
Something Unique: The month
Overall rating: Fair

Not much to say about this one. I think we were desperate to find something to do in the middle of the ridiculous winter of 2011 and I found this. Chester is a great little town and I’ve always had an affinity for it’s “downtown” area. For a small river town, Chester has a huge arts and a great restaurant scene. One of the best meals we’ve ever had was at Chester’s now-defunct Restaurant du Village (although the new incarnation is said to be just as great.)

Damian was a pill during our visit and didn’t want to do anything but quite frankly, there wasn’t much to do anyway. We checked out the ice carving competition and then strolled down Main Street and peeked in some art galleries.

We missed the tractor parade and oh yeah, Hoang was 7 months pregnant and it was freezing. Sorry Chester Winter Carnivale, I haven’t anything else to say.

Chester’s Winter Carnivale

Hoang dealing with Damian’s nonsense at eo art gallery (which had free cookies!)

A pretty terrible ice carving

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