Prydden Falls

You’re Gonna Pry This One Outta Me
Prydden Brook Falls, Stevenson

April 13, 2009

[Note: For my Waterfalls pages, I’m using the town designation used by the Connecticut Waterfalls 2013 guidebook. Because sometimes it’s fun. Like now... because as you all know, Stevenson is actually just a part of Monroe. I think Stevenson does refer to itself as such, on occasion, though.]

az_largThis is a really pretty waterfall. Definitely lands in the top 20% of Connecticut’s tumblers. The picture in the guidebook is great. My pictures? Not great.

I found these falls while hiking the Zoar Trail which is part of the Lake Zoar Area Trails which is part of the CFPA trail network. I’ve completed all of these Lake Zoar trails (see here) although I have heard that there will be a lengthening of the Paugussett Trail of about 5 more miles.

My “work” is never done.

Your first question, “why Prydden?” Sayeth the guidebook, “Prydden is an old English name, originating from Priding in the Wheatenhurst rural district of Gloucestershire County in England.

Your second question, “How far do I have to hike to find this?” About 1.5 miles in and 1.5 miles out from the trailhead on Great Quarter Road.

Your third question: “Ok, what else you got?” Really? That’s how you’re going to phrase that question? It’s “What else HAVE you got?” and even that sounds terrible.

There’s all sorts of cool Zoar history, right around these falls. Like, Zoar used to be a town. A real, actual town named Zoar. But what did they do? They buried it underwater with the building of the Stevenson Dam. What are the chances? The coolest town name in Connecticut gets buried underwater.

With these falls pages using old pictures, there’s no way I’m going to go find the originals to get bigger ones. Sorry.


Accessibility: you actually DO have to hike in to this one no matter what. Well, I guess you can park your boat near the confluence but… whatever.

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