Fort Shantok Mohegan Burial Grounds

Fort Shantok Burial Grounds
Massapeag Side Road, Montville

September 29, 2011

This is a rather interesting place, as it’s a sacred Mohegan Burial site, an important Mohegan fort site, an important archaeological dig site, a former state park, a current public park and a National Historic Landmark.

It’s that last one that prompted me to visit So go read it.

You’ll see that they have a great many signs urging visitors to respect the dead on the site and there are several monuments around the park. It’s a pretty cool day out.

An excellent drive around (and into) the area – The Size of Connecticut
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One response to “Fort Shantok Mohegan Burial Grounds”

  1. Kevin Sullivan says:

    The one time that I was brought to the Fort Shantok Mohegan Burial Grounds with a friend to check out her family’s markers, Spirit had directed me all the way to the other side of the graveyard, where I had come across a tombstone with the name of John Sullivan upon it.

    My Grandfather had a brother, my uncle, named John Sullivan.
    The only way that I remember this is because my Grandfather had a heart attack on the steps of St Mary’s Church at the funeral of my uncle, his brother, John Sullivan.

    Is there a chance that I find out more about John Sullivan who is buried at Fort Shantok Mohegan Burial Grounds?

    I would appreciate this very much.

    Kevin Sullivan

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