The Heads of CTMQ!

Long story short; My grandparents collected Royal Dalton mugs which carried over to my dad. Growing up, we had a whole bookcase full of the things. They caused nightmares when I was very young, and struck fear into us because we were told not to touch them since birth. My siblings and I never liked them and our friends would often question why in the world my house had them. Later, my brother’s friend ob deemed them, “The Heads” and to this day they remain a running joke on my family in various ‘zines and blogs. And so, I continue the family tradition in a slightly different way – The CTMQ Head Collection.

1. The Edward E. King Museum, East Hartford:

Effete John Madden Head

2. The Barnes Museum, Southington:

Puffy Colonialist Head spreading smallpox to natives

3. The Pratt House Museum, Essex:

Rosy-cheeked Foppish Sea Captain Head

4. Knights of Columbus Museum, New Haven

Ruth Buzzy lookin’ Chris Columbus Head

2 responses to “The Heads of CTMQ!”

  1. Aunt Pat says:

    I always wondered what you kids thought of those strange mug-heads. Always wondered how my sister could raise three kids with those things always in reach, and never a breakage. What do you want to bet, among the grandkids will it be Rachel to make the first score! Aunt Pat

  2. ob says:

    What a fantastic expose of Connecticut’s treasures! The collection in Wilmington is obviously museum caliber.

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